FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Dedicated Week Elevates the Awareness of Burn Injury

Trenton, NJ – The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Division of Fire Safety is reminding residents of National Burn Awareness Week, which runs from February 5 through February 11, 2017. Together, in partnership with the International Association of Firefighters, International Association of State Fire Marshals, Safe Kids Worldwide, National Scald Prevention Campaign, American Burn Association and the Federation of Burn Foundations, the State is sharing information to help families avoid scald injury, which can be easily accomplished with a few adjustments to behavior and to the home environment.

Each year more than 450,000 burn injuries occur nationwide. Between 2007 and 2013, the proportion of burn center admissions due to scald burns increased from 29.8 percent to 33.7 percent.

Please join with us and our partners by practicing the following steps for burn awareness during Burn Awareness Week and year round:

  • Use the back burners when you cook, if possible.
  • Place pots and pans on the back burner with handles turned away from the edge of the stove. This will prevent spills from overturned pots and pans containing hot food or liquids. 
  • All appliance cords need to be kept coiled and away from counter edges.                    
  • Use oven mitts or potholders when moving hot food from ovens, microwave ovens or stovetops. Never use wet oven mitts or potholders as they can cause scald burns.
  • Replace old or worn oven mitts.
  • Open heated food containers slowly, away from the face to avoid steam burns. Hot steam escaping from the container or food can cause burns.
  • Foods heat unevenly in microwave ovens. Stir and test before eating.

Scald injury is especially common with the very young and the elderly. Use these practical tips to keep your family members safe.

  • Set water heater temperature to no higher than 120°F/48°C, or just below the medium setting.
  • Create a "no kid zone" in the kitchen around stoves, ovens and hot items.
  • Keep hot drinks away from the edge of tables and counters.
  • Use a travel mug with a tight-fitting lid for all hot drinks 

The Division of Fire Safety serves as the central fire service agency in the State. The Division is responsible for the development and enforcement of the State Uniform Fire Code, as well as for implementing community risk reduction and firefighter training programs.


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