FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, May 9, 2017


 Taxpayers Can Now View Average Savings from Property Tax Relief Programs 

Trenton, NJ – The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Charles A. Richman today announced that DCA’s Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) has expanded the property tax data available on the Department’s website as required by newly enacted legislation, P.L.2017, c.36, which requires DCA to post information on property tax credit, deduction, exemption, and reimbursement programs to its website.

This information, provided to DCA by the Treasury Department’s Division of Taxation, can be found at:
There are four views or summaries of tax data.  Two views summarize data by municipality or county. A third summarizes major tax statistics of interest to taxpayers on a single page. The fourth is an interactive tool called the Tax Viewer, which can be used to compare a particular municipality’s taxes to average taxes in the surrounding county and the State as a whole.

The website also provides detailed information about the property tax levy in each county, municipality, fire district, and school district as well as other statistical information useful for the public’s understanding of the individual components that make up each taxpayer’s property tax bill. For instance, the data includes the amount of the average residential property tax bill, the number of residential taxpayers who received a homestead credit, and the average homestead credit amount for each municipality.  The property tax data also includes new information on average tax relief from the “senior freeze” property tax reimbursement and other property tax exemptions and deductions targeted at seniors, veterans, and persons with disabilities.

“The Department now provides access to even more information to help taxpayers better understand their tax bills and see the savings derived from property tax relief programs in their municipalities,” said Richman. “This data shows in great detail the many ways the Christie Administration is providing property taxpayers with assistance.”

DCA currently posts levies and tax rates for every municipality. An assortment of data relating to property values such as average property taxes, average residential property values, and the number of parcels and total property value by type (i.e. residential, commercial) are also reported.

The Division of Local Government Services is responsible for the financial integrity of all local government units. The Division provides technical and financial assistance in budgeting, financial reporting, joint services, purchasing, and management issues.

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