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Child and Family Services Plan/ Annual Progress and Services Reports

To receive federal funding under title IV-B, a state or tribal agency must submit a 5-year Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP) and Annual Progress and Services Reports (APSRs).

The CFSP is a strategic plan that sets forth a state's or tribe's vision and goals to strengthen its child welfare system. It outlines initiatives and activities that the state or tribe will carry out over the next five years to administer and integrate programs and services to promote the safety, permanency, and well-being of children and families. The goals and objectives of the CFSP must address improved outcomes in the following areas: 

  • Permanency for children
  • Well-being of children and their families
  • The nature, scope, and adequacy of existing child and family and related social services

The Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR) provides an annual update on the progress made by states or tribes toward the goals and objectives in their CFSPs and outlines the planned activities for the upcoming fiscal year.

Programs covered by the CFSP and APSR include:

For more information on Federal CFSP/APSR, go to the Children's Bureau Web site:

To read New Jersey's 2015-2019 CFSP and 2014 APSR final report and approval click on the following link:
2015 APSR-CFSP 2015-2019 Final 
2015 ACF-CB approval response  
To read New Jersey’s 2017 APSR final report and approval click on the following link: 
2017 APSR-CFSP 2015-2019 Final 
2017 ACF-CB approval response  

If you have questions about the CFSP/APSR please contact:

Federal Reporting Coordinator
Department of Children and Families
Office of Performance Management and Accountability 
50 E. State Street
Trenton, NJ 08625 

For information on the Sustainability and Exit Plan click here.