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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection & Permanency

Effective Date:



Intake Investigation and Response



Initial Response






Unique Client Circumstances – Translation Services Required



Need for Interpreters and Resources





This issuance establishes the policies and procedures to access services once discovered that language is a barrier to communicating with parent/child during the course of an investigation.




A)   Access Bilingual Workers


Once the Worker identifies the family does not speak English, the Worker must arrange for a bilingual Worker to assist them.


B)   Seeking Translation Services


Once it has been determined that a language barrier exists, the Worker must seek approval from the Local Office Manager (LOM), or designee, to seek translation services from an interpreter.


Note: CP&P has several identified vendors capable of assisting with translation services in multiple languages. See the procedures section below.


C)   Family and Friends Can Not Translate


The Worker must not rely on friends or family members to provide interpreting services.


D)   Families with Communication Disabilities


Upon learning, that a parent or the child is blind/visually impaired or deaf/hearing impaired, services to address these barriers must quickly be arranged.





How to Access Interpreter Services





Making arrangements from the Office:


Note: The Office telephone must have a conference call feature.


1.    Obtain approval from LOM, or designee prior to contacting the contract vendor – Language Line Services.

  1. While you have a caller on the line, press CONF key or any other key to enable the conference call.
  2. Dial the Language Line Solutions # 1-800-367-9559.
  3. Language Line will prompt you to:
    1. Press 1 for Spanish
    2. Press 2 for all other languages (speak the names of the language at the prompt)
    3. Or you may press 0 or stay on the line for assistance
  4. Enter on your telephone keypad or provide the representative:
    1. 6-Digit Client ID #510392
    2. Organization name: DCF-Division of Child Protection & Permanency
    3. Access Code: Please obtain from Local Manager.
  5. Brief the interpreter, summarize what you wish to accomplish and give any special instructions.
  6. Press the CONF key or any other key again. Once this is done you, the caller, AND the Language Line Service on the line.




Making Arrangements at the Family’s Home.


Note: The use of this service is approved only when there are no other circumstances to facilitate communication.


For Phone Interpreter Usage:


1.    Obtain approval from Case Worker Supervisor for planned visits prior to home visit in the event interpreter services are needed. For visits where the need for an interpreter could not be known (such as SPRU), the Worker calls the Supervisor to advise of the circumstances and to receive further direction, prior to accessing this service.

2.    Using your State cell telephone dial the Language Line Solutions # 1-800-367-9559. Use of personal telephone or a client’s telephone is prohibited.

      Follow the steps above from 4 through 7.

      Press the speaker feature from your State cell phone. Once this is done, you will have the Language Line Service on speaker then you and the client can hear and communicate.


For an In- Person Interpreter:  


1.    The following agencies can be accessed:

a.    Action Interpreting, LLC

b.    Dabit Interpreting Services, Inc.

c.    Sci Tech Translations

2.    Complete Special Approval Request, CP&P Form 16-76

3.    If the interpreter is a “contracted” provider, submit charges for the services rendered on the monthly CP&P K-100, Billing Spreadsheet, to the appropriate Local Office via the “Secure Billing” process.

4.    If Provider is a “one-time” non-contracted provider, he or she, uses the CP&P Form K-100, Client Service Invoice, to bill for rendered services.


Case Worker Supervisor

Approves the utilization of all interpreter services.


Approves all utilization of in person interpreter service and one time vendor usage; or designates someone to approve the translation on his or her behalf.


Forms and Attachments:


·         CP&P Form 16-76

·         CP&P K-100


Related Information:


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