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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection & Permanency

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Intake, Investigation and Response



Initial Response







CPS Intervention on Military Installations





This issuance is regarding information sharing between DCF and the Family Advocacy Program (FAP), which are located at each military installation in the State.  





·         The State of New Jersey, through CP&P and under the authority granted by Title 9, Chapter 6, New Jersey Statutes Annotated,


·         Department of Defense Directive, Number 6400.1, Family Advocacy Program provides internal DOD guidance to protect and assist actual or alleged victims of child abuse or neglect.

     Click here to see DOD Directive 6400.1, Family Advocacy Program





A)   Information Sharing Between CP&P and FAP


Each of the military installations located in the State has established a Family Advocacy Program (FAP) to assist with allegations of child abuse or neglect, and well as other matters related to assisting military personnel and their families. The FAP, operating at each military installation, serves as a central point of contact for CP&P regarding requests for information. Likewise the FAP may request information from CP&P regarding military personnel and their families and their involvement with CP&P, i.e., case status, service provision, etc.

Because FAP and military law enforcement authorities have legal authority to investigate allegations of child abuse and neglect on military installations and involving military personnel, CP&P may share case related information with those entities if such information is necessary for the conduct of their investigation.


B)   Notification of Military Involved Case


Intake workers will notify FAP (see procedures for contact information) prior to responding to an on-base incident, or, if not practical, as soon as possible thereafter.


Intake workers responding to allegations of abuse or neglect in military families not on an installation shall notify the applicable FAP of the incident as soon as possible after becoming aware that the allegation pertains to a military family.


C)   Collaboration Between CP&P and Military Authorities


CP&P and FAP will update each other on a regular basis on shared cases. In person meetings between CP&P and FAP are scheduled as needed. 


To protect the well-being of children involved in allegations or actual incidents of child abuse or neglect, initial interview/assessment information will be made available by CP&P and FAP, in writing, to minimize the negative impact of repeated interview/assessments regarding personal or traumatic matters.


D)   Case Closure and Personnel Transfer Notifications


Prior to closing a CP&P case, including closing a case at Intake, the CP&P Worker will notify FAP of CP&P’s intent to close the case. 


FAP will advise CP&P and provide all vital information when a military employee or his or her family, who is “in active CP&P case status”, is to be relocated or reassigned or discharged.


E)   Service Provision for Individuals and Families


The FAP, operating at each military installation, offers various services and programs to assist individuals and families with improving the quality of family life and functioning.


Whenever possible, it is preferred that services needed to help strengthen and support the family are provided by FAP.   


Some on-base supports, which may vary between military posts, include:


·         mental health services, such as individual, marital/civil union, family counseling, drug or alcohol treatment programs, Alcoholics Anonymous chapter;

·         psychological and/or psychiatric services; and

·         support groups.


F)   Record Access


Access to military records needed by CP&P for the investigation, processing, treatment or prosecution of child abuse cases will be made available where permitted under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (HIPAA) of 1996.

CP&P will honor reciprocity concerning their records and investigations within state mandated confidentiality, statute N.J.S.A. 9:6-8.10a.


G)   Area Office Designation of Installation Liaison by Local Office


Area Office Managers with catchment areas which border a military installation are responsible for designating a liaison to the installation to serve as a resource as needed with any issues which may arise.



Area Office

Military Installation


Atlantic-Burlington-Cape May Area Office


Monmouth – Ocean Area Office


Naval Weapons Station Earle



Atlantic-Burlington-Cape May Area Office


Monmouth – Ocean Area Office


Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst


Morris-Sussex-Passaic Area Office



Picatinny Arsenal





A)  Contact Information


Below is a listing of military installation contact numbers:


1.  Joint Base, McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL):        

                 Family Advocacy Program (FAP), (609)-754-9680;

                 Base Defense Operations Center, Security Force, (609)-754-6001;

                Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), (609)-754-3353;


           2Naval Weapons Station Earle:

                 Family Advocacy Program (FAP), (732)-866-2115;

                Installation Security Force (732)-866-2291;

                Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS), (609) 754-3353.


            3.  Picatinny Arsenal:

                 Family Advocacy Program (FAP), (973)-724-3568;

                 Picatinny Arsenal Police Department, (973)-724-7273/6666;       

                 Criminal Investigation Command (CID), (973)-724-5887;


When an allegation is received by CP&P of an on-base incident, it is expected that CP&P will exercise jurisdiction as in any other community with the added requirement to contact military installation officials, prior to CP&P exercise of authority on-base. This requirement is necessary to ensure that on-base authorities are aware of the allegation and to assist as may be needed in the CPS response.


B) Requesting Records from the Military


Below is information regarding how to request records from the military installations:

·         JB MDL- request for records should be made through 87 MDSS/SGST (Outpatient Records), who in turn, will coordinate with 87 ABW/JA (Judge Advocate) in evaluating the request and arranging for the release of information in accordance with federal law.

·         NWSE – requests for records should be made through Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), who in turn, will coordinate with the military Judge Advocate in evaluating the request and arranging for the release of information in accordance with federal law.

·         Picatinny Arsenal -  there is no medical treatment facility located at Picatinny Arsenal, therefore any request for records should be made to the applicable medical practitioner.


Key Terms (Definitions):


“Child of a military family” means, a person under the age of eighteen who is a natural, adopted or stepchild of any active military member regardless of rank or location of duty assignment.


Family Advocacy Program (FAP)” means the Department of Defense agency located on each installation dedicated to domestic and Child abuse/neglect prevention, education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention and treatment. FAP also provides a variety of services to Soldiers and Families to enhance their relationship skills and improve their quality of life.


Military Family” means a family comprised of at least one caretaker who is an active duty or activated member of any branch of the US military, all dependent children of that caretaker, and any persons residing in the same house.


“Off-base incident” is an allegation, or act, of child abuse involving a military family that occurs beyond the boundaries of the military base, yet within the jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey.


“On-base incident” is an allegation, or act, of child abuse involving a military family that occurs within the boundaries of the military base, and within the jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey.


“Military-related incident” is an act of child abuse within the State of New Jersey not involving the child the child of a military family but nevertheless of interest to military authorities by virtue of the military status of the alleged abuser or the occurrence of the incident on base.


“Military installation” means the military facilities, located within the State of New Jersey which are under the Federal authority, i.e., Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, JB-MDL,(Burlington County), Naval Weapons Station Earle, NWSE, (Monmouth County) and the Picatinny Arsenal (Morris County).