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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection and Permanency

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Out of Home Placement










Parent Engagement and Family History



Parent Engagement                                                          12-27-2011


When adoption is the plan for the child, the Adoption Worker engages the birth parents and:


·         Discusses CP&P policy on disclosure of records, including the disclosure of all non-identifying information with the adoptive parents;


·         Asks them to inform CP&P of any new health information;


·         Explores their willingness to keep CP&P advised of any change of address;


·         Informs them about the Adoption Registry and determines their willingness to be entered in the Registry (See CP&P-IV-C-1-900, Adoption Registry Services to Adoptees and Their Families, and the CP&P Form 14-205A and CP&P Form 14-205B, Adoption Registry Cover Letter and Application, and Adoption Registry Release (Birth Family).; and


·         Informs them of open adoption options, which range from the sharing of non-identifying information to full disclosure of all information and ongoing face-to-face contact. The Division cannot make a commitment to the birth family that there will be any level of open adoption beyond sharing non-identifying information. See CP&P-IV-C-1-900, Open Adoption.


Social and Medical Information and Other Documentation            4-5-2010


The Worker obtains and records comprehensive social and medical histories concerning the child and both the maternal and paternal families. Record accurately and in detail both positive and negative information in the case record (e.g., parents' physical characteristics, talents, identification of other family members). In accordance with N.J.S.A. 9:3-41.1 and N.J.A.C. 10:121-3.1, the Division is required to collect this information and to share it with prospective adoptive parents.


The medical history may reveal heredity factors or pathology which may impact on the child's future development, health, and placement in a prospective adoptive home.


Record medical information directly in the NJ SPIRIT application using the Medical/Mental Health Window. Complete CP&P Form 14-177, Family Medical History, by accessing it through the NJS Desktop>Create>Case Work>Medical/Mental Health>dropdown selection.


When the child is placed, his or her health information is also documented on CP&P Form 11-10, Health Passport and Placement Assessment. Access the form in NJS.


Also see CP&P-III-C-6-100, Collecting Information and Developing the Case Plan, and, Documentation Related to a Child Entering Placement, and CP&P-II-C-2-700, Identify Child's Place of Birth and Obtain Long Form Birth Certificate.


Within thirty (30) days of the infant's/child's initial out-of-home placement request a long form birth certificate. See CP&P Form 26-8, Request for NJ Birth/Death/Marriage/Civil Union/Domestic Partnership Certificate. The birth certificate verifies the child's full legal name and birth date, and is needed to obtain legal clearance for the adoption.