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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection and Permanency

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Residential Placement



Residential Placement




Residential Placement






Rejection before Pre-placement Interview      12-1-79


Residential facilities generally base their rejection of a child on the materials and information contained in the referral packet. The Worker can expect to receive rejections in writing with the reasons for the rejection detailed by the facility. If no reason is given, contact the facility and request that reasons for the rejection be submitted in writing.


Responses from facilities should be noted in the Local Office Facilities File as they may prove helpful in deciding the type of children to refer to that facility in the future. A copy of the response is placed in the child's record.


The Worker discusses the rejection with the child and his family as well as continuing efforts to plan for an appropriate placement.


Rejection after Pre-placement Interview          12-1-79


The child and his family who have already visited the facility personally will feel rejection strongly. The Worker must deal with these feelings in a manner which will insure continued effort on the part of the child and family in the placement process. The Worker is expected to discuss the reason for rejection honestly with those involved and assure them that there will be continued efforts to find suitable placement.


Rejection of Child from All Facilities     12-1-79


There are times when particularly hard-to-place children are rejected by all selected facilities. In that event the Worker and supervisor must discuss other placement possibilities and/or re-evaluate the decision to place. If the casework plan remains residential placement, the regional Residential Services Coordinator/OSFS may be contacted for assistance and further suggestions. The referral process is then repeated.


Procedures Related to Rejection           12-1-79



Action Required


1.    If not received, request all rejections in writing.

2.    Review reason(s) for rejection.

3.    Note response from facility and route for filing in facilities folder and child's case record.



4.    Discuss other possible placement choices and re-evaluate decision to place.



5.    Contact Regional Residential Services Coordinator/OSFS for assistance and suggestions.


Regional Residential Services Coordinator/OSFS

6.    Advise Worker of other placement possibilities.


7.    Repeat referral process or initiate other service plan as required.

8.    Discuss rejection(s) and continuing case plan with child and family.