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MC900384132[1] POLICY PENCIL POINTS                  Effective Date 9-25-2017             ___________________________________________________________

What’s revised?

·         CPP-II-C-3-300 Need for Interpreters & Resources This policy was merged with CPP-II-C-3-400 Foreign Language Interpreters.  Procedures were added to describe how to access services when an interpreter is needed.

·         CPP-II-C-3-100 Intervening with Clients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing – This policy has been updated and the phone number to access services for hard of hearing families was corrected.      

·         CPP-II-C-3-200 Referrals Involving the Blind or Visually Impaired This policy has been updated to reflect current practices in the Local Office.


What’s Obsolete?

·         CPP-II-C-3-400 - Foreign Language Interpreters deleted as a stand-alone policy; however, was merged with CPP-II-C-3-300 Need for Interpreters and Resources to Overcome Barriers to Investigation.














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