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Vol. 10 - Human Services


Chapter 11 - Instructional Staff
Chapter 120A - Dispute Resolution
Chapter 121 - Adoptions
Chapter 121A - Manual Of Requirements For Adoption Agencies
Chapter 121C - Requirements For CP&P Adoptions
Chapter 122 - Manual of Requirements for Child Care Centers
Chapter 122A - Afdc Foster Care Plan
Chapter 122B - Resource Care
Chapter 122C - Manual Of Requirements For Resource Family Parents
Chapter 122D - Services For Children In Out-Of-Home Placement
Chapter 122E - Removal Of Children In Placement From Resource Family Homes
Chapter 126 - Manual Of Requirements For Family Child Care Registration
Chapter 126A - Division Utilization Of Family Child Care Providers
Chapter 127 - Manual Of Requirements For Residential Child Care Facilities
Chapter 128 - Manual Of Requirements For Childrens Group Homes
Chapter 128 - Manual Of Requirements For ChildrensGroup Homes
Chapter 129 - Child Protection Investigations
Chapter 130 - Standards For Shelters For Victims Of Domestic Violence
Chapter 131 - Adoption Assistance And Child Welfare Act Of 1980 Requirements
Chapter 132 - Court Actions And Procedures
Chapter 132A - Legal Guardianship
Chapter 133 - Service Delivery General Provisions
Chapter 133D - Case Management
Chapter 133E - Services
Chapter 133G - Client Information
Chapter 133H - General Placement Provisions
Chapter 133J - Termination Of Parental Rights
Chapter 133K - New Jersey Safe Haven Infant Protection Act Procedures And Requirements
Chapter 196 - Determination Of Eligibility For Functional Services From CSOC