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State of New Jersey-Department of Environmental Protection-Bureau of Air Quality Planning
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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What You Can Do Now....

On the Road

NJ Inspections

  • Green Commuting in New Jersey
  • Do not top off your gas tank. (In New Jersey, ask the gas attendant to not top off your gas tank.)
  • Carpool or take public transportation more frequently to reduce air pollution, especially in the summer.
  • Do not idle your car (excessive is greater than 3 minutes…this is a NJ regulation!).
  • Avoid using drive-thrus.
  • Bike or walk to work, if possible.
  • Do errands when there is less traffic (i.e., at night) and combine errands into one trip.
  • Make informed purchases on cars:,
  • Walk to church; walk to get groceries (substitute for using your car when possible).
  • Tips to Save Gas, Improve Gas Mileage, and Save Money
  • Ask your employer about rideshare programs, transit incentives for alternate modes of commuting to work, or an adjusted work schedule.
  • Consider living in transit villages

In the Home/Office


In the Know (Educate Yourself and Your Kids)

Multi-Media Pollution Prevention

  • Instead of pesticides, use alternative pest control methods ("integrated pest management"), such as biological and mechanical controls. Try substituting a mixture of ground up garlic and onions as a pesticide alternative for vegetable gardens.
  • Reduce pesticide use by reading and following label instructions carefully.
  • Buy clothing that doesn't require dry cleaning. For dry cleaning, use garment care services that don't use perchloroethylene.
  • Purchase products made from recycled materials.
  • Purchase products that can be recycled
  • Purchase products with the least amount of packaging.
  • Buy in bulk, refillables and concentrates.
  • USEPA Pollution Prevention