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Barnegat Bay Water Quality Data -
Do you have it? If so, we want it!

Barnegat Bay researchers and stakeholders have amassed a wealth of information about the health of the bay.  Efforts have been made to put all of this data in one location.  To see the list of stakeholder identified Barnegat Bay-related research studies, click here. But data gaps remain.

As part of the plan to address the health of Barnegat Bay, NJDEP needs to establish the baseline conditions of the bay and assess this condition against applicable standards.  In order to do this, we want to be sure we have knowledge of and/or access to all of the water quality as well as ecological information for Barnegat Bay or the surrounding watersheds from this area. 

Specifically, we want information about the fish, shellfish, other animals, aquatic plants, algal blooms, phytoplankton, water quality, sediment quality, quantity and quality of stormwater runoff, and ground water quality.  This information will assist us in the assessment process, as we model the Bay’s physical/chemical/biological/microbiological systems.   

Do you or your organization have relevant current or historic information from the Barnegat Bay watershed (visit for a map of the area of interest)?  If so, have you shared it – and/or the associated inventory information identifying and describing your sampling efforts (including metadata) - with us via the online NJ Water Quality Data Exchange System (WQDE) or via some other mechanism?  If you have information but are unsure if it’s already been provided to NJDEP or about entering it into WQDE, please tell us about it anyway. To use WQDE, go to and register.  Specific questions about using WQDE should be directed to Paul Morton, NJDEP/Water Monitoring & Standards ( or 609-292-1623).  

For general questions about Barnegat Bay or this request, please contact Jeffrey Reading, NJDEP/Water Monitoring & Standards ( or 609-984-7944). 



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