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NJDEP Announces Alternative EPA Notification Program 1996 for Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators ("CESQGs")

In an effort to encourage environmentally sound disposal of conditionally exempt small quantities of hazardous waste, the NJDEP offers an alternative, voluntary notification program for conditionally exempt small quantity generators. This program - known as the "NJX" number program - is open to places of business which do not generate in any calendar month more than;

a) 100 kilograms of non-acutely hazardous wastes.

b) 1 kilogram of acutely hazardous waste.

c) 100 kilograms of any residue or contaminated soil waste or debris resulting from the cleanup of a spill of any acute hazardous waste.

While similar in appearance to an EPA ID number, (3 letters followed by 9 digits), NJX numbers are issued by the NJDEP to CESQGs meeting the above eligibility requirements. NJX numbers are used to complete Item 1 on your Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest. NJX numbers are "site specific" and are not transferable if a company should relocate.

Questions and answers about the NJX program:

Q: How do I apply for an NJX number?

A: In order to obtain an NJX number for your business, you must complete an NJX Program application form. These forms are available from NJDEP's Bureau of Hazardous Waste Regulation. You can obtain an application form by calling (609) 292-7081. Completed application forms should be mailed to:

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Mail Code 401-040G
PO Box 420
Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0420

Q: Is there a fee involved?

A: There is no fee to register and receive an NJX number. However, effective October, 2003, you will be subject to a nominal $30 annual fee assessed by enforcement to defray cost of compliance assistance proram

Q: If most of the time my business never generates in a calendar month more than CESQG amounts of waste, but once in a while we do go over the CESQG exclusion limits, can I still qualify for an NJX number?

A: Yes. Since a generator's status is determined by month, a generator's status may change monthly from CESQG to SQG/LQG according to the amounts and types of wastes that are generated that month. However, your NJX# can only be used in the months that your company qualifies as a CESQG. If you exceed CESQG limits then you must meet the requirements in 40 CFR 262.12 and obtain a EPA ID number from USEPA - Region II - (212) 637-4106. When you-return to CESQG Status, you may once again use your assigned NJX#.

Q: What if I already have an EPA ID number for my business; can I still get an NJX number?

A: Yes. As long as your business meets the monthly eligibility requirements.

Q: If I get an NJX number for my business, will I still be subject to NJDEP routine enforcement compliance inspections?

A: Yes. The Department reserves this right. Remember, the burden is on you to prove CESQG status. Therefore, you must retain written records of the waste types and volumes generated each month.

Q: What do I get out of the NJX program?

A: You get the opportunity to dispose of your small quantities of hazardous waste in an environmentally sound manner. The NJX program allows you to track your waste through the New Jersey Hazardous Waste Manifest System. Disposal of your hazardous waste at a Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facility (TSDF) may also reduce your future Superfund liability.

Q: Are you sure commercial TSDFs can legally accept an NJX number in place of an EPA ID number on a manifest?

A: Yes.

Q: If my business qualifies for the NJX number program, does that mean I have to get an NJX number?

A: No. The NJX number program is strictly a voluntary program.

Q: If I got an NJX number, does that mean I must dispose of my waste at a TSDF?

A: No. All the disposal options of CESQG are still available to you.

To find out more about the NJX number program, please call NJDEP's Hazardous Waste Regulation Program at (609) 292-7081

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