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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Report for Public Comment and Response to Peer Review Comments

External Peer Review of the NJDEP Chromium Workgroup Report

In March 2004, Commissioner Bradley Campbell charged scientists from the Division of Science, Research and Technology (DSRT) with reviewing the current clean-up criteria for chromium. This was done in response to concerns voiced by the Hudson County community where most of the chrome ore processing residue waste sites are located.

In response DSRT convened a working group and called upon the technical expertise from scientists from the Site Remediation Program and the Office of Quality Assurance to examine the science of the issues. The main workgroup formed four subgroups to address: 1) analytical chemistry; 2) environmental chemistry; 3) risk assessment; and, 4) air and dust transport. The workgroup prepared a report for Commissioner Campbell outlining recommendations concerning the cleanup criteria used at sites with chromium ore residue. From January 10 through March 1, 2005, the report underwent an external peer review by recognized national experts in the various disciplines.

There were two components of the external peer review. The first consisted of inviting experts to attend a day-long meeting in Piscataway to discuss their review of the report. The second consisted of inviting additional experts in the fields (with an emphasis on those fields not well represented during the first phase) to read the report and supply written comments. Dr. Mark Robson of the New Jersey School of Public Health coordinated both phases of the peer review.

The report was made available for public review during the peer review, although the Department did not solicit nor accept any public comments. The report has been revised, based on the peer review, and this revised draft is now available to the public. Interested parties have 30 calendar days to submit comments to the Department. All comments must be received via email or post by June 3, 2005. This is a firm deadline. No faxes will be accepted.

Peer Reviews who attended the January 10, 2005 discussion meeting:

Dr. Paul Brandt-Rauf, Department Chair, Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia School of Public Health

Dr. Gary Ginsberg, Risk Assessor and Toxicologist, Division of Environmental Epidemiology and Occupational Health, The Connecticut Department of Public Health and adjunct Professor at Yale University and University of Connecticut Health Care Center

Dr. Gregory Turk, Group Leader, Spectrochemical Methods, Analytical Chemistry Division, National Institute for Standards and Technology

Dr. Jonathan Chorover, Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Soil, Water, & Environmental Science, University of Arizona

Dr. Herbert Gibb, Epidemiologist and Risk Assessor, Sciences International, Inc
(recently retired from Office of Research)

Dr. C.P. Huang, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware

Dr. Robert W. Puls, Laboratory Director, National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Office of Research and Development
(Dr. Puls gave the report to his staffer, Dr. Chunming Sua soil scientist)

Dr. Ken Stollenwerk, Hydrologist, US Geological Survey, Denver Federal Center

Chapter 1 - Executive Summary and Recommendations
Chapter 2 - Introduction

Chapter 3 - Risk Assessment Subgroup

Chapter 4 - Analytical Chemistry Subgroup
Chapter 5 - Air Transport Subgroup


Division of Science and Research
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