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Report of Chromium Soil Sampling (August 2006 - June 2011)

North Arlington Boro Schuyler Ave. & Exton Ave., North Arlington Passaic Ave., Kearny Twp Garfield Ave, John Hay Ave., Arlington Ave. Jacobus Ave., 2nd St., 3rd St., & Pennsylvania Ave. Central Ave., Kearny Pershing Rd., Weehawkin Near Hwy 495, Weehawkin Howell Ave. & St. Pauls Ave, Jersey City 8th St., & Brunswick St, Jersey City Duncan Ave., Jersey City Dekalb Ave., Jersey City Lincoln Park Clark Ave., Clendenny Ave., Communipaw, CLinton and Westside Ave 8th St. & Brunswick St. Montgomery & Merselles Sussex St., Van Vorst St Phillip St., Jersey city Black Tom Rd. and Statue of Liberty Dr., Caven Point Chapel Ave., Jersey City Freedom Place, Richard St. & Bayside Terrace Dwight St. , Stegman St. and  Ocean Ave. Linden Ave. Ludlow St., New St., & Cantor Ave Playground - Liberty State Park Freedom Way, Jersey City I-78 & Statue of Liberty Drive Halladay, Cartaret, Pacific, Caven Point, & Randolph Aves, Fisk Ave. & College Dr. Kellogg St. & Hwy 440 Near Hwy 440 22nd St., Bayonne Ave. A, Bayonne

Resampling at this location showed a non-detectable level of hexavalent chromium. The information presented here represents results from a screening survey of surface soil from Hudson County, NJ. The soils were analyzed for the presence of hexavalent chromium. The objective of this project is to identify potential areas of chromium contamination in Hudson County that have not been located in past investigations. A total of 266 surface soil samples were analyzed for hexavalent chromium.

Sampling locations have been selected due to their proximity to known chromium contamination sites and input from DEP site remediation staff and the public. Priority was given to proximity to the most highly contaminated sites. Most samples were obtained roadside or in public parks.

Hexavalent chromium was detected in 19 of the 266 samples. They range from 2 to 356 ppm with an average of 31ppm. The analytical detection limit was approximately 2-3 ppm. The method of analysis was USEPA 3060A and 7196A.

Information on all samples with hexavalent chromium concentrations greater than 2 ppm were provided to the Site Remediation Program for appropriate action.

For a closer look at the sampling sites, click on the site to zoom in on the location.


List of Capped Chromium Sites

Site Remediation Program
Hudson County Chromate Chemical Production Waste Sites

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