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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Status of Hexavalent Chromium Standards – April 2014

  • Additional research into how hexavalent chromium causes cancer by the chemical industry had begun at approximately the same time.  Subsequently, based on a recommendation by the USEPA’s Peer Review Panel and on extensive comment from the chemical industry, the USEPA withdrew its 2010 draft document until the new research was completed and the data could be considered.
  • The chemical industry-sponsored research was transmitted to USEPA in 2013 and the USEPA has been evaluating the results.  While the chemical industry-sponsored research does not contradict the NTP study’s findings, it questions its relevance to human exposure.  The USEPA is also conducting additional pharmacokinetic modeling for ingestion of hexavalent chromium as part of the IRIS assessment.
  • The USEPA has recently announced that it anticipates releasing a new draft IRIS support document for hexavalent chromium in the last quarter of FY15 (July-September 2015).
  • At this time, the NJDEP is awaiting USEPA’s reconsideration of the carcinogenicity of hexavalent chromium under the USEPA’s IRIS process before deciding how to proceed with the development of standards.
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