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Hudson County Chromium Exposure Route
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EOHSI imageWho is doing this study?
The study is being conducted by Drs. Paul Lioy and Michael Gochfeld of the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute in Piscataway, NJ.

Which waste sites will be studied?

The waste sites will be selected based on possible exposure to the community. The investigators will look at what is known about the size of the sites, the level of chromium and what clean-up actions have been taken in the past.

The investigators will work with community groups to identify sites that the community feels are of greatest concern to the residents.

What type of samples will be collected?

Samples of air will be collected at the waste site. These samples will provide the investigators and the community important information about the potential for exposure to whatever chromium is present.

Samples of dust will be collected in and around homes close to the selected sites. These samples will help determine whether or not the chromium is present in the homes. The samples will also indicate how, if chromium is present, it most likely got into the home.

How long will the study last and how many subjects will take part in it?
The study will take place over two years but those person's homes that are selected will only be sampled on one day. More than 100 homes are to be sampled.

Who will be in the study?
People who live around the selected chromium sites will receive a letter asking if they are willing to participate.
Participation is voluntary. If the resident signs the consent form, the investigators will then make an appointment to come to the home to collect dust samples. The resident will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire about the home.

Who will receive the results of the study?
The residents who participate in the study will receive the results of the sampling in their homes. They will find out the levels of chromium in their own home and how it compares to the levels found in other homes in the community.
Results of the study will be given to the State of New Jersey and will be shared with the local community.

Who should I contact if I am interested in the study?
If you are interested in participating or have any questions about the study please call the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute, at our Toll Free Telephone Number: 866-855-2712. Please leave your name, phone number, and the most convenient time for us to contact you. Dr. Stuart Shalat or Dr. Kathy Black will return your call.

Why is this study being done?
This study is being done to see if people who currently live in some areas of Hudson County may be exposed to harmful levels of chromium from old chromium waste. This is important since some types of chromium may cause serious illness, including cancer.

Many sites where chromium waste was either dumped or used as fill are located in Hudson County, NJ. This study will measure the amount of chromium in the air at these sites, and determine if the in-place caps on selected waste sites are still protecting the community. The study will also measure the amount of chromium in the dust in homes of residents who live near these sites.

The investigators will use these results to find out if there is still exposure of nearby residents to chromium from the waste sites. The results will be used to help in deciding what follow-up actions by the State of New Jersey, including a possible health study, are necessary to assure the health and well being of those who live in the area.

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