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 Water Pollution Management Element
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bluearrow Bureau of Pretreatment and Residuals
bluearrow Bureau of Surface Water Permitting
 Municipal Finance & Construction Element
bluearrow Bureau of Environmental Engineering and Permitting
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 Related Programs
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bluearrow NJ's Wastewater Reuse Program
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bluearrow Clean Water Council
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Protecting New Jersey's surface and ground waters from  pollution caused by improperly treated wastewater,  residuals, and stormwater.

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bluearrow Emergency Response, Preparedness, and Resiliency

Questions on NJPDES Permits? NEW
If so, please first visit our new reports that provide general information for a permit, including the case manager and their contact information.

bluearrow Final Renewal Hydrostatic Test Water Discharge Master General Permit (BG), Issued August 15, 2018NEW
bluearrow Final Renewal Basin Discharges At Sanitary Landfills Master General Permit (I1), Issued June 20, 2018NEW
bluearrow FY2018 NJPDES Fee Report NEW
bluearrow CSO Public Participation Process Report GuidanceNEW
bluearrow Evaluating Green Infrastructure: A CSO Control Alternative for LTCPs NEW
bluearrow Renewal Tier A & B Municipal Stormwater General Permits NEW
bluearrow FY2017 NJPDES Fee ReportNEW
bluearrow Electronic Reporting of Monitoring Report Forms is now requiredNEW
bluearrow DEP's Asset Management webpageNEW
bluearrow Guidance for Pretreatment Programs During Emergency Situations NEW
bluearrow Sufficiently Sensitive Test Methods FAQs
bluearrow Asset Management Assessment Guide
bluearrow Operations and Maintenance Assessment Guide for Wastewater Treatment Plants
bluearrow Snow Removal and Disposal Policy
bluearrow Frequently Asked Questions Related to CAP
bluearrow Individual CSO Permits Issued Final
bluearrow Stormwater Training
bluearrow Interactive Sewage Sludge Mapping Tool

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Water Quality

bluearrow Hurricane Sandy Resources
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