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Bureau of Construction, Payments and Administration (BCPA)
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Loan Payments and Financial Management

(Loan Payment Requisitions - Interim & Final Payments; Accounting System and Financial Management)

This section monitors the financial integrity for the following programs: New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program (NJIFP) which includes federal and state bond act monies, the Pinelands Infrastructure Fund, and the Sewage Infrastructure Improvement Act Program (SIIAP). This unit is also responsible for maintaining a continuous cash flow to recipients by reviewing interim and final payments, conducting interim and final accounting system reviews and assisting the recipient in the overall financial management of the project.

In addition, the Payment Section monitors financial/payment management and construction mangement activities of Barnegat Bay projects funded through the NJEIFP. For details please click here.

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Program Contact:

Paul T. Hauch, P.E., Section Chief
Bureau of Construction, Payments & Administration
Payments Section
Phone: (609) 292-3114
Fax: (609) 633-8165

Program Development and Data Management:
(Clean Watersheds Needs Survey - CWNS, H2lOANS - NJEIFP Financial Data Management System & Report Management)

This section is also, responsible for administering the Clean Watersheds Needs Survey (CWNS) for the State of New Jersey. The information collected in the CWNS will provide Congress in a "Report to Congress" by EPA with a detailed estimate of the capital costs to construct, upgrade and/or expand publicly owned municipal wastewater treatment facilities, and implement other activities necessary to comply with the requirements of the CWA including CSO corrections, storm water runoff control, and nonpoint source pollution abatement. Congress uses these survey results to create the allotment formula for distributing State Revolving Fund (SRF) funding among the states.

AIn addition, this section is reponsible for coordinating with NJEIT in the development of H2lOANS - the NJEIFP's finanacila data management system, preparing regular and adhoc reporting and data mangement. Also, responsible for developing and maintaining the MFCE program web pages and online forms.

Program Contact:

Ketan Patel, Contract Administrator; NJ CWNS Coordinator
Phone:(609) 292-3114
Fax: (609) 633-8165

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