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presentationApplying for an Individual Permit

A facility typically starts the application process by requesting, in writing, a “Pre-Application Meeting” from the BNPC.  The BNPC will then coordinate a meeting between BNPC, the facility representatives, as well as any other necessary staff of the Department that may need to address their program concerns.  Typically, staff of Bureau of Watershed Management (Planning), Bureau of Pretreatment and Residuals and the Treatment Works Approval Permits may be in attendance.

Once the facility representatives have met with the Department, the facility may then submit the necessary checklists, forms, technical report, maps and for the Department’s review. These documents may be downloaded from table below. It is highly recommended those new to the application process look at the Ground Water Permitting Checklist for an overview of what materials are required for particular applications.

Related Documents, Publications and Forms

Title Type Format
NJPDES DGW Checklist: Individual and General Discharge to Ground Water Permits (pdf, 37Kb) Checklist pdf
NJPDES Form 1 (pdf, 333Kb) Application pdf

Technical Manual for NJPDES Discharge to Ground Water Permits (pdf, 164Kb)

Permit pdf
Technical Guide for Spray Irrigation, Overland Flow, and Infiltration/Percolation Systems; and Surface Impoundments (pdf, 128Kb) Technical Guidance


Form R - Industrial Generator (pdf, 147Kb) Form pdf
Form R - Domestic Generator (pdf, 182Kb) Form pdf
WQM 003 - Statement of Consent Form (pdf, 86Kb) Form pdf
Administrative Update Application Form (pdf, 36Kb) Form pdf
Application for Transfer of a Permit (pdf, 126Kb) Form pdf

The review is a two step process that includes an Administrative Review and a Technical Review.Once an application is deemed “Administratively Complete” and “Technically Complete,” the assigned case manager will craft the individual permit to the needs of both the Department’s regulations, as well as the specific needs of the facility.  Once a permit document is crafted, it undergoes an internal review between the applicable programs within the Department.  Upon completion of the internal review, the facility may receive a “pre-draft” of the permit document to review. 

The permit document is then published in the DEP Bulletin, a publication available both electronically and in hard copy for a thirty (30) day public comment period.  Once the public comment period expires, any concerns, corrections, or issues must be resolved prior to the permit document being finalized.  In some cases, if significant comments are received on the draft document, the Department may hold a public hearing for additional public comment.

Once all public comments have been addressed as an attachment to the final permit, the permit document is then released to the facility.  A facility may then be required to obtain a Treatment Works Approval (TWA) from the Treatment Works Approval Permits in order to construct the proposed treatment works prior to the start of operations.


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