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Division of Water Quality
NJDEP Division of Water Quality
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Located under Water Resources Management in the Department of Environmental Protection, the Division of Water Quality has primary responsibility for protecting New Jersey's surface and ground waters from pollution caused by improperly treated wastewater and its residuals.

Wastewater is essentially "used" water. In the home, it comes from various sources including sinks, dishwashers, bathtubs, toilets and washing machines. Wastewater is also generated by commercial and industrial users where human waste may be mixed with a wide variety of wastes emanating from cleaning, processing, or manufacturing operations. When wastewater is improperly discharged into a surface waterbody it can deplete oxygen, stimulate undesirable growths of plants (algae), and introduce disease producing organisms and toxic chemicals into the environment.

To protect the state's waters, the Division of Water Quality:

  1. implements the New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES Program),
  2. administers financial assistance programs for wastewater treatment facilities, and
  3. administers the Treatment Works Approval, Capacity Assurance, and Sewer Ban Programs.

All of these programs play a role in keeping New Jersey's water clean and safe for the public.

To see an example of how the individual functions of each division program apply to regulating and funding a wastewater treatment system discharging into a surface waterbody, click here.

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