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Permit Application

NJPDES - Discharge to Ground Water (DGW) (New Construction)

Below are some common permit application deficiencies:

  • The applicant listed on the NJPDES-1 Form is incorrect. The applicant should be the entity that will operate the wastewater treatment system.
  • Signatures on the NJPDES-1 and WQM-003 are older than one year and/or are not original.
  • Proof that the proposed project is consistent with the applicable Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP)is missing. Consistency Determinations are issued by the Office of Land and Water Planning (609-633-1179). Written proof of Consistency Determination issued by WQMP by should be submitted to the Permit Administration Section.
  • The soil borings are not advanced to the required minimum depth of 20 feet or to bedrock, whichever is shallower.
  • Local Notice - Evidence of Permit Application Submission to the Affected Sewerage Entity(ies) and Municipality are not submitted. Should include copies of mail return receipts or other means of verification of receipt.
  • Permeability determinations for each disposal area are inadequate. (Some applicants fail to document the methodology, field notes and results of permeability tests conducted on-site.)
  • The ground water mounding analysis is deficient or missing. The model must be run assuming peak flow during seasonal high water table conditions. The applicant must submit the method and supporting documents for a model which demonstrates adequate hydraulic performance of the proposed disposal areas.
  • The applicant is not planning to achieve ground water quality standards prior to discharge, and has not provided an adequate dilution model. The model must quantify the characteristics and delineate the boundaries of the wastewater plume, while accounting for initial piezometric conditions and background water quality. All pertinent hydrogeologic characteristics of the site should also be submitted.

Program Contacts:

Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control - (609) 292-0407
Permit Administration Section - (609)984-4428


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