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Short Term De Minimis General Permit (B7)

The Short-term De Minimis Discharge Permit authorizes short term, uncontaminated discharges of groundwater generated during construction activities for the purpose of lowering the groundwater table.   A de minimis discharge for the purposes of this general permit is defined as a discharge containing a relatively insignificant amount of pollutants that complies with all of the conditions specified in this permit, including the requirements specified in Attachment 1.

Applicants must request authorization to be covered under this general permit by submitting a completed Request For Authorization (RFA) Certification Form, including the associated unfiltered and untreated effluent analytical data.  Application forms must be recieved by the Department at least 14 days prior to discharge via email at


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Program Contact: Dave Thomas, Bureau of Surface Water and Pretreatment Permitting, (609) 292-4860



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