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Water Quality News

1/4/15 - NJPDES FY2016 Annual Fee Report (Proposal Document)

Click here for more information.


12/09/15 - New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program (NJEIFP) Project List (Updated As of 12/09/2015)

Click here for more information.


10/10/15 - NJPDES Capacity Assurance Program (CAP) Rule Proposal

Clilck here for more information.


6/30/15 Final Master General Permit for Non-Petroleum Water Cleanup Issued June 3, 2015, Category BGR - NJ0155438

Click here for more information.

6/06/15 - PSEG Nuclear LLC Salem Generating Station, Draft permit issued

5/25/15 - Residuals SXG GGeneral Permit issued.

Click here for more information.


5/20/15 Short Term De Minimis General Permit (B7), NJ0134511 issued.

Click here for more information.


3/16/15 NJPDES Annual Fee Report is now available.

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3/12/15 CSO Permits Issued Final - 25 final permits to improve surface water quality in urban parts of the state by requiring municipalities and wastewater authorities to develop strategies to reduce pollution from combined sewer overflows.

Click here to go to the CSO website for detailed information.

2/26/15 – Stormwater Training

Stormwater training materials for municipalities and stormwater design review professionals to support the training requirements of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) NJPDES permits.

Click here for details.
1/19/15 – MS4 Tier A Permit Annual Report – Supplemental Questionnaire - This questionnaire must be downloaded to your computer, completed, and uploaded as an attachment to you MS4 Tier A Annual Report that is due by May 2, 2015. 
Click here for details.
12/8/14 - Interactive Sludge Mapping Tool - This interactive map provides the user the ability to physically locate New Jersey’s sewage sludge management systems and then explore their capabilities, acceptance criteria and contact information.
Click here to view new Sludge Mapping Tool
10/15/14 - Draft Surface Water Permit for Category B7, Short Term Deminimis General Permit, NJ0134511
Click here for details.

8/31/14 - NJPDES Final Sludge Quality General Permit for Category WTRG, Public Water Treatment Systems (NJ0215546)

Click here for details.
2/4/14 - Municipal Stormwater Permit Status

As most of you may be aware, all four (4) Municipal General Permits have expiration dates of February 28, 2014. However, these permits will remain in full force and effect until renewal permits are issued.  Until then, continued implementation of all aspects of your Tier A, Tier B, Public Complex or Highway General Permit(s) is required.  You will be notified once draft permits are available and have the opportunity to comment on any proposed changes at that time.  Please contact your case manager if you have any specific questions on the renewal process.  The Department appreciates your continued cooperation in this matter.      

11/26/13 - Issuance of NJPDES Final General Petroleum Products Clean-up General Permit (B4B) - NJ0102709

Click here for details.
11/18/13 - Issuance of NJPDES Final General Permit for Category T1, Sanitary Subsurface Disposal (GP, NJ0130281).

Click here
for details.

8/28/13 - Issuance of New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) Final General Non-Contact Cooling Water Permit (CG)-NJ0070203.

Click here for details.

8/13/13 - Issuance of Draft Statewide Sand and Gravel (RSG) Stormwater General Permit New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) Permit No. NJ0201189

Click here for details.
7/25/13 - Final Scrap Metal Processing and Recycling Industrial Stormwater General Permit - NJ0163261 (Category SM2), issued 7/25/13.
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