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PFAS Source Evaluation and Reduction Requirements Survey

The Department is requiring all industrial dischargers and significant indirect users to complete a survey as a first step to investigate discharges of PFAS that could potentially (1) cause impacts to surface water and/or (2) impact the management of biosolids. This initial screening will involve a review of permittees' current and past practices that may be sources of PFAS. At some point in the near future, it will also be necessary to investigate probable sources, reduce/eliminate the sources found (such as product substitution, operational controls, or treatment), and take other actions to protect surface water and sludge quality.

On March 17, 2021 the DWQ sent a Request for Information letter to NJPDES Discharge to Surface Water Permittees (Category B) and NJPDES Significant Indirect User Permittees (Category L). Below is an FAQ document which may help permittees.

NJPDES Category B and Category L Permittees

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REQUEST FOR INFORMATION dated March 17, 2021

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Survey Questions for PFAS Evaluation

Attached below is a courtesy copy of the survey which will allow permittees the opportunity to see the survey questions and gather responses prior to accessing the survey through the link provided in the Request for Information dated March 17, 2021. It is critical, however, that the permittees submit their responses through the link to the survey as provided in the email dated March 17, 2021 from the Division of Water Quality. All other replies (i.e., through pdfs, scanned copies, etc.) will not be accepted and will be deemed noncompliant with the Request for Information.

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REQUEST FOR INFORMATION -- PFAS Source Evaluation and Reduction Requirements Survey




For questions please contact DWQ via email at




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