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Local Agency Sewer Service Areas

Your local service area is determined by your location. In the following table, please click on the municipality to find the sewerage authority serving your area. Note: Please be sure that you are using the official name of the municipality. There are several local neighborhoods in New Jersey that have the same names as municipalities, but are not in the same-named municipality.

If your municipality is listed under a local agency, contact that agency first, to determine if you are connected to that agency. Because of ongoing construction and some irregularities in service area boundaries, some locations may not be connected to the indicated agency and may actually be connected to another delegated local agency or to a non-delegated local agency that is not listed on this page. If your municipality is not listed or if the listed local agencies indicate that you are not connected, please contact the Bureau of Surface Water and Pretreatment Permitting.

Click here for Local Agency Area Lookup Table


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