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SIU Facts

What is a SIU?
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When is an SIU Permit from the Department of Environmental Protection needed?

An SIU Permit is required to be obtained for any wastewater to be discharged into a publicly owned sewage treatment plant by a Significant Indirect User prior to beginning discharge. An existing discharger which becomes aware that it is a Significant Indirect User must apply for a permit immediately. An existing or proposed discharger planning to modify activities in such a way as to become a Significant Indirect User must apply at least 180 days prior to the proposed initiation of the relevant discharge, and cannot begin the discharge until the permit is issued.

A specific timeframe for filing an application may be established by the control authority, and is generally specified in any regulations that establishes a new class of Significant Indirect User, including any amendment to the Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards.

To continue discharge, an SIU must continue to have an active SIU permit and to file permit renewal applications periodically until and unless the control authority determines that it is no longer necessary.

If you discharge to a non-delegated agency and are not sure if you are an SIU, complete an indirect discharger questionnaire (Adobe) or e-mail Nilesh Naik.

Note that some non-delegated POTWs require their users to obtain permits. A permit, contract or other agreement from a non-delegated POTW is not an SIU permit and does not eliminate any requirement to obtain or hold an SIU permit.

How do I apply for an SIU Permit?

An SIU discharging to a Delegated Local Agency should contact that agency regarding forms and procedures. An SIU discharging to any other New Jersey sewage treatment plant must file an application on specific forms directly with the Department of Environmental Protection.

What else must I file?

A user must file a Baseline Report as required by 40 CFR 403.12(b) within 180 days of promulgation of a Federal Categorical Standard applicable to one or more of its activities; or prior to commencing any such activity. An SIU permit or modification of an existing permit may be required prior to discharge. Optional forms are available to assist non-delegated POTW users in determining applicability and filing Baseline Reports.

Which local agency serves my area?

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What is in an SIU Permit?

A Department - issued SIU permit will contain limitations and pretreatment standards and related requirements based upon Federal and State laws and regulations. Additional information is found in N.J.A.C. 7:14A-21, in EPA and DEP basis documents, and in the Technical Manual For Division of Water Quality Bureau of Ground Water, Residuals, and Permit Administration NJPDES/SIU Permit.

What is a control authority?

A Control Authority is the agency responsible for, among other things, issuance of SIU permits. In particular, the Control Authority is either (1) a Delegated Local Agency operating the sewage treatment plant receiving the discharge or (2) for discharges into sewage treatment plants not operated by any Delegated Local Agency, the Department of Environmental Protection.

Which Control Authority serves my location?

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