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NJ's Wastewater Reuse Program
Reclaimed Water for Beneficial Reuse (RWBR)

Over the past few years, the Division of Water Quality has been working to promote and implement the beneficial reuse of wastewater from domestic and industrial wastewater dischargers via the NJDPESpermitting program. RWBR involves taking what was once considered waste, giving it specialized treatment, if necessary, and using it for public and/or restricted access uses. This high quality reclaimed water can be used for non-potable applications in place of potable water or as a supplement to potable water. RWBR has a myriad of application potentials including the spray irrigation of crops, parks, and golf courses; dust control; fire fighting; and toilet flushing, to list a few. The high-level of disinfection and effluent treatment required for RWBR protects public health and environmental quality.

The Bureau of Surface Water Permitting program currently has issued over 125 NJPDES/DSW permits that would allow permittees  to implement, upon approval, a RWBR program for a variety of Public and Restricted Access Uses.  These permittees file an annual report detailing specific activities that were performed and the amount of RWBR that was utilized.  This reported data is then compiled and summarized every calendar year and is made available on the Department’s website.


Find out more about wastewater reuse by accessing the links on this page.

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