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2001 Recreational Marine Minimum Size,
Possession Limits and Seasons

Below is a summary of recreational marine fish minimum size, possession limits and seasons. More detailed information is found in the Fish & Wildlife DIGEST, available at Division offices and most coastal bait and tackle shops. There is also a summary sheet available online.

Prohibited Species

It is illegal to take, possess or land any of the following species:
Atlantic sturgeon
Basking shark
Bigeye sand tiger shark
Sand tiger shark
Shortnose sturgeon
Whale shark
White shark

Regulation Summary Table

Fish are measured from tip of snout to tip of tail (except Black sea bass). Cleaning or filleting of fish with a minimum size limit while at sea is prohibited
American eel 6" no limit
NOTE: Change to 50 is pending
Watch for pending changes going into effect
Black drum no minimum size
NOTE: 16" size is pending
no limit
NOTE: Change to 3 is pending
Watch for pending changes going into effect
Black sea bass 11" 25 see illustration for measuring
May 10 - Feb. 29, 2002
Blue crab peeler or shedder - 3"
soft - 3
hard - 4"
one bushel measured point to point;
see illustration
Bluefish no minimum size 15  
Cobia 37" 2  
Cod 21" no limit  
Haddock 21" no limit  
Hard Clam 1" 150 see illustration
King mackerel 23" 3  
Lobster 3" (carapace length) 6  
Pollock 19" no limit  
Red drum 18" 5 only one fish over 27"
Scup (porgy) 9" 50 July 4 - Dec. 31
Shad no minimum size 6  
Shark 23" (alternate length) or 48" (total length) 2 per vessel see illustration
Spanish mackerel 14" 10  
Striped bass or Hybrid striped bass 1 fish at 28"
1 fish at 24" or greater, but less than 28"
Delaware R. & tribs. (Commodore Barry Bridge to Salem R. & tribs.): Mar. 1 - 31 and June 1 - Dec. 31
Atlantic Ocean (0-3 miles from shore): no closed season
Atlantic Ocean (Greater than 3 miles from shore): CLOSED
All other marine waters open Mar. 1 - Dec. 31
Summer flounder (fluke) 16" 8 Open season: May 12 - Sept. 11
Tautog 14" see notes Open seasons:
Oct. 10 - May 31: 10 fish limit
June 1 - Oct. 9: 1 fish limit
Weakfish 14" 14  
Winter flounder 11" no limit  Open seasons:
March 1 - May 31
Sept. 15 - Dec. 31
Hard clamBlue crabBlack sea bassShark

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