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National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) in New Jersey


Archery shooting line


The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) brings the sport of archery to millions of students in schools across the United States. Designed to teach international-style target archery in 4th-12th grades, the core content covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, and self-improvement. The 2-week archery curriculum is aligned to National Physical Education Standards and can be run safely in a school gymnasium. No prior archery experience is necessary for teachers or students.


Many of the activities in physical education classes favor the strongest, fastest, and most coordinated students. Archery is a life-long sport that circumvents traditional barriers to engage students of all genders, physical abilities, and backgrounds, even aiding participation in students with disabilities. Archery is a physical activity in which boys and girls can participate together and puts athletes and non-athletes on a level playing field.

The National Archery in the Schools Program routinely transforms previously unreachable "high risk" students by unlocking self-esteem and transforming individual lives forever.



Nearly everyone can succeed at archery. Kids love archery, and archery helps kids excel. Statistics show that school archery programs:

  • Improve school attendance
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Increase physical activity
  • Relate to subject matter
  • Appeal to all students
  • Get kids out-of-doors
  • Can become an after-school activity


Annually, approximately 2.43 million students participate in NASP throughout the country. That involves more children than Little League baseball and is three times larger than lacrosse! NASP has taught target archery to more than 18 million students in 47 states and continues to grow.

In New Jersey, teachers in more than 200 schools have been trained to conduct NASP archery in physical education classes. Additionally, summer camps, recreational programs, and scout organizations are running NASP archery programs throughout the state.

The map shows the extent NASP has spread across New Jersey - there's probably a school or organization near you already using the program. See the list of New Jersey schools participating in NASP to locate a school near you already benefitting from the program.

Participating NASP Schools and Organizations - Updated April, 2018 (pdf, 90kb)

Map of NASP Schools
NASP Locations
Click For Interactive Map of NASP Organizations in NJ
(Zoom in and click on dots for information)


NASP has created the Academic Archer Program to promote and recognize academic excellence amongst student archers. If you have a student who fits the criteria listed at, consider registering them for this great program! Check out the On Target For Life Press Release (pdf, 140kb) detailing the awards and recognition that Academic Archers are eligible to receive.


The 2018 NJ NASP State Tournament was conducted as a virtual shoot this year in which schools hosted official tournaments in their own gymnasiums. We had 247 archers from 14 schools compete in this year's state tournament. NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife staff and volunteer officials attended each tournament to ensure tournament rule compliance and to verify scoring results.

The first place schools in the Elementary, Middle, and High School divisions qualified to attend the NASP National Tournament in Kentucky in May. In addition, the top ten male and female individual archers in each division also qualify for nationals if they do not attend with their school team.

Congratulations to all archers who participated in the 2018 NJ NASP State Tournament! We are proud to announce the final results:

  • Elementary School Division: Angelo L Tomaso Elementary School, Team Score of 2504
  • Middle School Division: Oxford Central School, Team Score of 3175
  • High School Division: Warren Hills Regional High School, Team Score of 3067
  • Top male archer in New Jersey: Dylan Hourihan of Warren Hills with a score of 279
  • Top female archer in New Jersey: Sara Quigley of Warren Hills with a score of 282

Complete state tournament results are available on the NASP Tournaments page.

For results of tournaments prior to 2018 visit the NASP Tournament Results 2013-2017 page


The entire program can be implemented completely free of any costs. New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife provides training to schools free of charge, as well as training materials.

Standardized NASP equipment is required for participation in the program. Thanks to support from the archery industry, the $4,800 equipment 'kits' can be purchased by schools for approximately $3,000.

Sometimes the cost of the required equipment has been an obstacle to schools interested in the program. That obstacle has been removed by a recent grant from the Easton Sports Development Foundation, which paid for 21 NASP archery equipment sets for New Jersey. Since fall of 2008, schools in every county have had access to a NASP equipment loaner kit, free of charge. This an excellent no-cost way for teachers to introduce archery into their physical education curriculum.

Archer removing arrows from target IS ARCHERY SAFE?

Archery's safety record is better than that of every ball sport taught in schools except table tennis. Equipment used is state-of-the-art and a universal fit so every student can safely use the same bows and arrows.

For further details on target archery's safety records, read Arrow Sport's Safety Report (pdf, 430kb).


Every school participating in the National Archery in the Schools Program must have at least one certified Basic Archery Instructor (BAI). BAI courses are generally 8 hours long, scheduled upon request at your convenience, and held at your school gymnasium. For more information about Basic Archery Instructor training classes, please see the BAI Training FAQs (pdf, 375kb). All upcoming training classes are listed online at

Once a teacher has completed the BAI certification class, they are qualified to teach NASP to students, purchase equipment at a discounted rate, and borrow equipment free of charge from NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.


Please submit the NASP Inquiry Form to schedule a free training session at your school.
NASP Inquiry Form

For more information on the National Archery in the Schools Program contact us via phone or e-mail:

Katie Paey, 908-735-2006

Also, check out NJEA's Classroom Close-up feature on Oxford Central School's archery team, which has been New Jersey's top-rated archery school team since 2006. The seven-time state champions, will be heading to the NASP National Tournament in Kentucky in May.

Oxford School Team
Oxford Central School's 2013 NASP Archery Team
Click to enlarge


Every year, Easton Foundations awards $6,000 to participating NASP states to help schools purchase archery equipment. New Jersey announces these grants every fall (usually in October) and awards them to schools by December 31st. The grants offer up to $1000 towards the purchase of a complete equipment kit (approximately $3000) or up to $200 towards the purchase of at least $800 in replacement parts.

In order to qualify for a NASP equipment grant, a school must have completed a NASP certification training and be able to pay the balance of the equipment purchase by January 31st of the following year. All NASP instructors will receive an e-mail this fall when the equipment grants are available. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Curriculum - Elementary School (pdf, 750kb) Student Consent Form Template (pdf, 195kb)
Curriculum - Middle School (pdf, 750kb) Archery Games and Drills (pdf, 850kb)
Curriculum - High School (pdf, 750kb) Genesis Bow Owner's Manual (pdf, 1.5mb)
Equipment Kit Sample Order (pdf, 40kb) How To: Tie on a Nock Locator (pdf, 250kb)
Public School and Government Equipment Order Form (pdf, 40kb) How To: Restuff a Morrell Target (pdf, 115kb)
Non-Profit and Private School Equipment Order Form (pdf, 40kb) How To: Restring the Genesis Bow (pdf, 975kb)
Tax-Exempt Form (Public Schools and Government only) (pdf, 12kb) Floor Quiver Design (jpg, 390kb)
NASP Replacement Parts Order Form (pdf, 35kb) Bow Storage Box Plans (pdf, 100kb)
Student Completion Certificate (pdf, 370kb) NASP Scorecard (pdf, 2.5mb)
NASP Tournament Rules and Format (pdf, 75kb) 11 Steps to Archery Success (pdf, 35kb)
SpeedFletch Information Sheet (pdf, 85kb)  

NJ NASP Receives National Awards - DEP News Release, 8/4/14
State NASP Participants Excel At National Tournament, 5/13/14

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