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August 11, 1999

For more information contact:
Larry Herrighty at 609-984-0839

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife has announced that waterfowl hunters can now obtain their required Waterfowl Harvest Information Number (HIP#) on the Internet as well as the toll-free number previously available.

"This latest use of modern technology, in this case the Internet, is another example of our efforts to make the Division user-friendly," said Division Director Bob McDowell. "Sportsmen and women have a number of legal requirements and the inherent responsibilities entailed in the pursuit of game. We recognize their efforts in helping us keep hunting safe and ethical and appreciate their help in managing our wildlife resources for everyone's maximum benefit. The Waterfowl Harvest Information Program is yet another facet of professional wildlife management where we ask their cooperation to assist us in managing the resource."

Since September 1, 1998, all licensed migratory bird hunters, those hunting ducks, geese, brant, coot, woodcock, rails, snipe, or gallinules, have needed to register and receive their HIP # annually which the hunter must insert in the space provided on the front of the hunting license.

The Web address of the on-line HIP Registration site is The site can also be accessed through the Division's own Website at

For those without Internet access or preferring to use the telephone, the toll-free, 24 hr. number is 1-800-WETLAND (1-800-938-5263).