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Locations of New Jersey Artificial Reefs


A Guide to Fishing and Diving New Jersey's Reefs

The Division of Fish and Wildlife is currently maintaining 17 reef sites in the ocean along the New Jersey coast as part of the Artificial Reef Program. These sites are located between 2 and 25 nautical miles offshore from Sandy Hook to Cape May.
Reefs are constructed by intentionally placing very heavy structures, such as old ships, concrete debris, rock, obsolete army tanks and prefabricated concrete artificial reef units on the sea floor. The structures are placed within areas designated as reef sites by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Advisory to Commercial Fishermen and Marine Contractors
Regarding the Location of Sea Floor Structures

Reef sites should be avoided by operations using equipment on the sea floor, such as commercial trawl, net and dredge fisheries, cable or pipeline projects and sand or mineral mining projects. Reef structures may impede, entangle or destroy sea floor equipment and endanger operators. The use of heavy equipment on reef sites may cause damage to and move reef structures as well. Structures dragged outside reef boundaries by commercial fishing gear or other activities become unknown, uncharted hazards to all sea floor operations.

This notice applies to all of New Jersey’s 17 reef sites. All of the reef sites have been plotted as "Fish Havens" on current NOAA nautical charts. Fish havens (reef sites) are delineated as blue-shaded areas on NOAA nautical charts. Please retain this notice on your vessel and refer to appropriate nautical charts to identify the location of reefs in the area of ocean you are working.

Artificial Reef location map
Click to enlarge

REEF CHARTS, COORDINATES and MATERIALS (Charts are listed north to south)
NOTE: Some charts have information about species typically found on the reefs; these are noted below. Charts are from the Guide to Fishing and Diving New Jersey Reefs (pdf, 1.7mb)

NJ Artificial Reef Network Location Map (pdf, 875kb)

Sandy Hook (pdf, 135kb) - Bluefish

Shark River (pdf, 100kb)

Sea Girt (pdf, 130kb)

Manasquan Inlet (pdf, 140kb)

Axel Carlson (pdf, 155kb)

Barnegat Light (pdf, 115kb)

Garden State North (pdf, 205kb) - Scup

Garden State South (pdf, 175kb) - Cunner

Little Egg (pdf, 125kb) - Gray Triggerfish

Atlantic City (pdf, 270kb)

Great Egg (pdf, 125kb) - Black Sea Bass

Ocean City (pdf, 95kb)

Townsends Inlet (pdf, 125kb) - Rock Crab and Summer Flounder

Deepwater (pdf, 110kb)

Wildwood (pdf, 95kb)

Cape May (pdf, 195kb) - Tautog

Del-Jerseyland Offshore (pdf, 165kb)

Del-Jerseyland Inshore (pdf, 175kb)

Reef coordinates in Digital Global Positioning System (DGPS) using (degrees, minutes and thousandths of minutes) are available in PDF format. Coordinates in the traditional (degrees, minutes, seconds) format and LORAN C are available by calling 609-748-2020.

Artificial Reef Site Locations in DGPS (pdf, 19kb)

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