The Anderson Classification System:


The Anderson et al. 1976 classification system is a hierarchical system based on four digits. The four digits represent one to four levels of classification: Level I, general, Level II descriptive, Level III, detailed, and Level IV, most detailed. Therefore the first digit in the code is the Level I general classification. The first two digits reveal the Level II descriptive code, the first three digits a more detailed description, while all four digits represent the most detailed level of classification. The layer is generally a Level II - III classification but some level IV detail is included.


For example the code 4311 represents:


            4---                   Forestland

            43--                   Forestland, Mixed Deciduous/Coniferous

431-                  Forestland, Mixed Deciduous/Coniferous, Coniferous Prevalent (>50% Coniferous)

4311                 Forestland, Mixed Deciduous/Coniferous, Coniferous Prevalent (>50% Coniferous), 10% - 50% Crown Closure



The following is the code list of the Anderson Classification System modified by the NJ DEP for its land use/land cover data layers. This version contains only codes adopted for the 2002 update in addition to codes used in previous versions.


The baseline LU/LC layer of 1986 was originally compiled using a modified Anderson classification at level II with some level III detail.  For the 1995/97 LU/LC project, III and IV level detail was added to the 1100 and 4000 land use categories. For the 2002 LU/LC project, III and IV level detail was added to the 1000, 4000 and 6000 land use categories.  For specific details and descriptions regarding these classes, please refer to ANDERSON2002.doc. 


Note that some land use codes and labels will appear only in the 1986 attribute fields. These codes are identified by a single asterisk (*) in the list below. These codes were general land use categories that were broken down into more detailed levels for the update.  However, where a polygon completely changed from one land use category to another, the detailed code could not be retroactively applied to the 1986 category.  There are also several codes that appear only in the 1995 attribute fields, since these categories were not applicable to the 1986 data.  These codes are indicated by a double asterisk (**) in the list below. For 2002 there are several codes added and will appear only in the 2002 attribute fields.  These categories were not applicable to the 1986 or the 1995/97 data.  These codes are indicated by a triple asterisk (***) in the list below.  In some cases, however, the codes developed for 2002 were used to replace or correct a coded value in the "lu95" attribute field in order to prevent misleading land use change detection.  All other codes may appear in either the 1986 data or the 1995/97 data. 


Notation of codes:

(*)   = 1986 only

(**)  = 1995/97 update

(***) = 2002 update




1100 *               Residential


1110     Residential (High Density or Multiple Dwelling)


1120     Residential (Single Unit, Medium Density)


1130     Residential (Single Unit, Low Density)


1140     Residential (Rural, Single Unit)


1150     Mixed Residential



1200                 Commercial and Services


1211     Military Installations


1214 **  Former Military; Indeterminate Use



1300                 Industrial



1400                 Transportation/Communication/Utilities


            1410*** Major Roadway


            1419*** Bridge Over Water                                                                      (WATER)


            1440*** Airport Facilities


            1461     Wetland Rights-of-Way                                                               (WETLANDS)


            1462*** Upland Rights-of-Way, Developed


            1463*** Upland Rights-of-Way, Undeveloped


            1499*** Stormwater Basin



1500                 Industrial and Commercial Complexes


1600                 Mixed Urban or Built-up Land


1700                 Other Urban or Built-up Land


            1710*** Cemetery


            1711*** Cemetery on Wetland                                                                 (WETLANDS)


            1741*** Phragmites Dominate Urban Area


            1750     Managed Wetland, in Maintained Lawn Green space                     (WETLANDS)



1800                 Recreational Land


1804          Athletic Fields (Schools)


1810*** Stadium, Theaters, Cultural Centers, and Zoos


            1850     Managed Wetland, in Built-up Maintained Rec Area                      (WETLANDS)



2100                 Cropland and Pastureland


            2140     Agricultural Wetlands (Cranberry Farms & Modified Uplands)         (WETLANDS)


            2150 **  Former Agricultural Wetlands (Becoming Shrubby not Built-up)      (WETLANDS)



2200                 Orchards, Vineyards, Nurseries, Horticultural Areas, Sod Farms



2300                 Confined Feeding Operations



2400                 Other Agriculture




3000 Series Omitted in New Jersey



FOREST:          4000 SERIES


4100 *               Deciduous Forest


            4110     Deciduous Forest (10-50% Crown Closure)


            4120     Deciduous Forest (>50% Crown Closure)



4200 *               Coniferous Forest


            4210     Coniferous Forest (10-50% Crown Closure)


            4220     Coniferous Forest (>50% Crown Closure)


            4230     Plantation



4300 *               Mixed Forest


            4311     Mixed Forest (>50% Coniferous with 10-50% Crown Closure)


            4312     Mixed Forest (>50% Coniferous with >50% Crown Closure)


            4321     Mixed Forest (>50% Deciduous with 10-50% Crown Closure)


            4322     Mixed Forest (>50% Deciduous with >50% Crown Closure)



4400 *               Brushland/Shrubland


            4410      Old Field (< 25% Brush Covered)


            4411*** Phragmites Dominate Old Field


            4420     Deciduous Brush/Shrubland


            4430     Coniferous Brush/Shrubland


            4440     Mixed Deciduous/Coniferous Brush/Shrubland



4500 **              Severe Burned Upland Vegetation



WATER:           5000 SERIES


5100                 Streams and Canals


5200                 Natural Lakes


5300                 Artificial Lakes


5400                 Bays, Estuaries & other Tidal Waters


            5410     Tidal Rivers, Inland Bays and other Tidal Waters


            5411     Open Tidal Bays


            5420     Dredged Lagoon


            5430     Atlantic Ocean





6100                 Coastal Wetlands


6110          Saline Marshes


            6111*** Saline Marshes (Low marsh vegetation)


            6112*** Saline Marshes (High marsh vegetation)


            6120     Freshwater Tidal Marshes


6130          Vegetated Dune Communities


            6141*** Phragmites Dominate Coastal Wetlands



6200                 Interior Wetlands


            6210     Deciduous Wooded Wetlands


            6220     Coniferous Wooded Wetlands


            6221     Atlantic White Cedar Wetlands


            6230     Brush-Dominate and Bog Wetlands


            6231     Deciduous Scrub/Shrub Wetlands


            6232     Coniferous Scrub/Shrub Wetlands


            6233     Mixed Scrub/Shrub Wetlands (Deciduous Dom.)


            6234     Mixed Scrub/Shrub Wetlands (Coniferous Dom.)


            6240     Herbaceous Wetlands


            6241*** Phragmites Dominate Interior Wetlands


            6250      Mixed Wooded Wetlands


            6251     Mixed Forested Wetlands (Deciduous Dom.)


            6252     Mixed Forested Wetlands (Coniferous Dom.)


6500 **              Severe Burned Wetlands



BARREN LANDS:          7000 SERIES


7100                 Beaches


7200                 Bare Exposed Rock, Rockslides, etc.


7300                 Extractive Mining


7400                 Altered Lands


            7430     Disturbed Wetlands (Modified)                 (WETLANDS)



7500                 Transitional Areas (sites under construction)


7600                 Undifferentiated Barren Lands







8000 *               Managed Wetlands (Modified)                 (WETLANDS)