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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Mailing Address:
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State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection
Green Acres Program
Mail Code 501–01
P.O. Box 420
Trenton, NJ 08625-0420

Physical Location:

State of New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection
Green Acres Program
501 East State Street
Station Plaza Building 5, Ground Floor
Trenton, New Jersey 08608

Phone (609) 984–0500
Fax (609) 984–0608

Directions to our office

Local and Nonprofit Assistance Bureau

  • Provides funding and technical assistance to municipal and county governments and nonprofit conservation organizations to acquire land for recreation and conservation purposes and to develop outdoor recreational facilities
  • Administers the Tax Exemption Program, which provides property tax relief to qualified nonprofit organizations that open their land to the public for recreation and conservation purposes

State Land Acquisition Bureau

  • Purchases land directly from landowners for recreation and conservation purposes. These lands become part of the statewide system of parks, forests, wildlife management areas, and preserves.
  • Handles donations of land to the State
  • Administers the Blue Acres funding for acquisition of land in the floodways of various rivers to reduce repetitive flooding

Legal Services & Stewardship Bureau

  • Monitors municipal, county, and nonprofit parcels acquired or developed with Green Acres funding
  • Reviews/processes diversions of Green Acres restricted parks from recreation and conservation uses
  • Manages list of existing open space and recreation lands statewide, including Recreation and Open Space Inventories (ROSI) from funding recipients

Planning & Information Management Bureau

  • Maintains the State open space Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Assists in open space and recreation planning
  • Performs Preliminary Site Assessments for State and reviews Preliminary Assessments performed by partners
  • Reviews survey information
  • Oversees fiscal operations
  • Provides data management services
  • Administers the Recreational Trails Program

Program Administration

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Local and Nonprofit Assistance

Martha Sullivan Sapp, Chief
(609) 984–0570
State Land Acquisition

Fawn Z. McGee, Chief
(609) 984–0609
State, local, and nonprofit projects are handled by regional teams. Please see the following list to find out who to contact:

Central Team (Acquisitions in Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset counties)

Renée Jones, Team Leader

Northeast Team (Acquisitions in Bergen, Morris, and Passaic counties)

Lisa Stern, Team Leader
Amy Sumoski

Northwest Team (Acquisitions in Warren and Sussex counties)

Richard Osborn, Team Leader
Larry Fink

South Central Team (Acquisitions in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Monmouth and Ocean counties)

Terry Caruso, Team Leader
Kathleen Croes

Southern Team (Acquisitions in Cape May, Cumberland, and Salem counties)

Courtney Wald Wittkop, Team Leader
Jessy Muttathil

Urban Acquisition and Statewide Park Development Team
(Park development projects statewide, and acquisitions in Essex, Hudson, and Union counties and in Asbury Park City, Atlantic City, Camden City, Clifton City, Long Branch City, New Brunswick City, Passaic City, Paterson City, Perth Amboy City, and Trenton City)

Cathy Elliott–Shaw, Team Leader
Bruce Bechtloff
Phillip Collins
Cecile Murphy

Donations of Land to the State

Fawn Z. McGee, Chief
(609) 984–0609

Tax Exemption Program

Cherylynn Cooke, Coordinator
(609) 984–0570

Pinelands Acquisitions – Lands of Limited Practical Use

NOTE: No new applications for this Program are currently being accepted. To sell your land to the NJDEP Green Acres Program, please complete a regular Application for Sale of Real Estate to NJDEP Green Acres.

Appraisal Review Section

Please contact your acquisition project manager from the listing above.

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Legal Services and Stewardship

Judeth Piccinini Yeany, Esq., Bureau Chief
(609) 984–0631

Jenine Hutton, Bureau Assistant
(609) 984–0631

General Stewardship Questions, Jurisdictional Determinations, and ROSI Database Management

Nancy Lawrence
(609) 341–2054

County Stewards
(Site-Specific Stewardship and Compliance Issues and Diversion Applications)

Printable Assignment Map (May 2019)  (PDF)

Kevin Appelget
Burlington, Hunterdon, Ocean, Sussex and Warren counties

Nancy Lawrence
Essex and Middlesex counties

Jessica Patterson
Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Monmouth and Somerset counties
Watershed Property Review Board (statewide)

Maude Snyder
Bergen, Gloucester, Hudson, and Mercer counties

Adam Taylor
Cumberland, Morris, Passaic, Salem, and Union counties

Local Parkland Inspections

Nancy Lawrence, Inspections Coordinator

Joy Klena, Compliancce Inspector

Greg Langan, Compliance Inspector

Paul Lippert, Compliancce Inspector

Thomas Stevens, Compliance Inspector

Pam Thier, Compliance Inspector

Project Closeout

Elizabeth Mataset

Use of State Property
State Property Conveyances
State Property Encroachments

Jenine Hutton

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Planning and Information Management

(609) 984–0500

Mark Ashton, PLS, Standard Scope of Survey Services
Wendy Lathrop, PLS, CFM, Standard Scope of Survey Services
Steve Jandoli, Planning and Technical Assistance
Michael Buriani, Preliminary Assessments

Recreational Trails Program

Brandee Chapman, Coordinator, (609) 984–0628  

Geographic Information Section

John Thomas, Team Leader GIS Mapping
Sharon Cost, GIS Mapping
Ed Eckels, GIS Mapping
Joanne McCarthy, GIS Mapping

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Program Administration

  (609) 984–0570

Martha Sullivan Sapp, Director

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