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Green Acres Policies for Survey Approval

"" Performing Surveys for State Land Acquisitions

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Green Acres Program is responsible for funding the acquisition of lands for conservation and recreational purposes. Land surveys are conducted by New Jersey Licensed Professional Land Surveyors, and corresponding metes and bounds descriptions are prepared for each parcel of land being acquired pursuant to the program rules, using the standard Green Acres Scope of Survey Work for land surveys. Other State agencies have responsibilities that require professional land surveying services or property surveys that are similar in nature to the requirements specified below:

  • Mark the location of the parcel on the ground
  • Locate and map any natural and man–made physical features as may be found on the parcel
  • Measure the property lines and determine the area of the parcel
  • Identify any conflicts with adjoining deeds, locate and dimension any encroachments affecting the parcel, and show findings in detail
  • Provide a plan depicting the findings of the survey
  • Describe the parcel in terms of New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System (NJSPCS) to facilitate mapping the parcel in the NJDEP Geographic Information System/Land Information System (GIS/LIS)
  • Provide an accurate, unambiguous and modern metes and bounds description that includes the NJSPCS coordinate values of the survey's point of beginning and corresponds to the survey, written in the same bearing system as the survey. The description, with a reduced copy of the survey plan attached, will be used in the deed of conveyance.
  • Locate and identify easements, locatable restrictions, and right–of–way lines affecting the parcel
  • Assist in the fair market value appraisal process by providing information regarding suitability of the parcel for a particular purpose or provide notice when size, shape, area, condition, utility, marketability and insurability or location and extent of encroachments of the parcel are factors in the acquisition process
  • Resolve or explain issues that serve to eliminate patent and latent deed ambiguities as may exist in the description found in the present deed of record
The New Jersey Department of Treasury/Division of Property Management and Construction (DPMC) issues Requests for Proposals (RFP) for two–year contracts. This process pre–qualifies firms with the best technical capabilities based upon pre–established criteria set forth in the RFP. Green Acres can then request competitive bids from and engage those DPMC pre-qualified contractors determined to be the most responsive and responsible in fulfilling the requirements of Green Acres State Land Acquisition site–specific RFPs.

Time is of the essence when survey work is ordered. Surveys are ordered only after a contract to purchase real estate has been executed and an approximate closing date has been established. Pre–qualifying and awarding contracts to the most experienced, well–equipped firms allows for the lowest cost to the State.

Please visit our Standard Scope of Survey Work page for full details of the standard requirements for surveys reviewed by Green Acres, as well as a summary of minimum requirements.

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