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The first state geologic maps since 1912 have been published for New Jersey and are available to the public. The Bedrock Geologic Map of Northern New Jersey, U.S. Geological Survey Map I-2540-A and The Bedrock Geologic Map of  Central and Southern New Jersey, U.S. Geological Survey Map I-2540-B are available from the USGS Maps and Publications or as GIS coverages and metadata as DGS 04-6.

Former Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Shinn said, "This is one of the most detailed state geologic map in the nation. It is invaluable for all ground-water contamination and water supply projects, and for protecting aquifer recharge areas and assisting land use planning and watershed initiatives.The geology of the state is crucial because it serves as the basis for other environmental maps, including characterization of watersheds, ground water recharge, aquifers, radon and sink hole potential as well as ecological habitat. The maps are also essential for the evaluation of water supplies and the clean up of contaminated ground water."

A digital version of the maps is now available on CD from Maps and Publications for $30.00 or as a download as a Digital Data Series DGS04-6.

The bedrock maps were published under an agreement between the Survey and the U.S. Geological Survey. The publications include cross section maps of bedrock formations.

The cooperative mapping project began in 1984 to assess the state's aquifers, using funding from the Water Supply Bond Act. The first map was published  in 1912 after many years of laborious fieldwork, most of which was done on foot or horseback. Over the past 85 years, many new geological concepts, thousands of boring and wells, and other data have become available. Using this data as a basis, geologists began a 10-year effort of detailed field mapping to produce a map that was especially needed to protect ground water for the most densely populated state in the USA.

Because of the detail (1 inch=1.6mi.), the new bedrock maps have been printed in three, 41-inch by 57-inch sheets covering northern, central and southern New Jersey. The previous map, which has been out-of-print for many years, was at a much smaller scale (1inch=4mi.) and lacked the detail provided in the new maps.

The full-color maps include accompanying text, plus a sheet of cross sections showing the subsurfaceat the same scale.

The Bedrock Geologic Map of northern New Jersey is available at USGS. The Bedrock Geologic Maps of central and southern New Jersey are sold together in one envelope for $25.

Bedrock Geologic Map of New Jersey 2014, Dalton, Richard F., Monteverde, Donald H., Sugarman, Peter J., and Volkert, Richard A., compilers, 2014, scale 1 to 250,000, size 37x47, 5 cross-sections. Price $20.00.

The maps may be purchased by sending a check or money order, payable to "Treasurer, State of New Jersey", to: New Jersey Geological Survey, PO Box 420, Mail Code: 29-01, Trenton, NJ 08625-420. No telephone or FAX orders are accepted.

These maps and other geologic information is available for review at the office of the N. J Geological Survey at 29 Arctic Parkway, Trenton, New Jersey. The phone number is (609) 292-2576.

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