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Information Circulars (IC)

Arsenic Water Treatment for Private Wells in New Jersey

Arsenic Water Treatment for Private Wells in New Jersey - Frequently Asked Questions

Underground Storage Caverns

Journey to the Centers of New Jersey

Borehole Geophysics

Near-Surface Geophysics

Generalized Stratigraphic Table for New Jersey, 1990 (Revised 2017).

Stockton, New Jersey and the Stockton Formation

What's in a Rock? A Dinosaur Track from New Jersey at the State Museum in Trenton

Thickness and Depositional Settings of Surficial Deposits in New Jersey

The Jacksonburg Limestone and the Portland Cement Industry of New Jersey

Water Withdrawals in New Jersey from 2000 to 2009

Karst Features in New Jersey

Englishtown Aquifer System

The Franklin Marble: One of New Jersey's Most Famous Geologic Formations

Geologic History of New Jersey's Valley and Ridge Physiographic Province

New Jersey Brownstone

Kirkwood-Cohansey Water-table Aquifer

New Jersey Landslides

Nitrate-Dilution Model: FAQ

The History of the Pompton Pink Granite: New Jersey's Prized Building stone

New Jersey Ambient Ground Water Quality Monitoring Network: New Jersey shallow ground-water quality, 1999-2008 . Updated (7-20-2016)

Sand Resources for Shore Protection Projects in New Jersey

Arsenic in New Jersey Ground Water

Glacial Sediment and the Ice Age in New Jersey

Sea Level Rise in New Jersey

Geologic Mapping in New Jersey

Graphite Deposits in New Jersey Highlands

Water Withdrawals in New Jersey, 1990-1999

Predicting Earthquake Damage in New Jersey

New Jersey Water-Supply Drought Indicators

Physiographic Provinces of New Jersey

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