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About Us

The New Jersey Community Forestry Program is a unique partnership between government, business, and volunteers caring for trees where people live, work, and play. Under the authority provided by the State legislature within the Community Forestry Assistance Act, the program encourages, promotes, and assists cities and towns in the establishment, retention, and enhancement of trees and forest resources.

The Community Forestry program is dedicated to making communities more livable by providing grants, technical assistance, training, and volunteer opportunities. The program continues to seek leading edge opportunities and innovative initiatives to build a sustainable statewide effort to manage local publicly owned trees and forest. Through the use of Federal urban and community forestry funding, the goal of having a statewide community forestry initiative is ensuing.

The New Jersey State Community Forestry Council celebrated 20 years of progress and success in 2008. The council was established in March 1988 as one of the original 13 State. Community Forestry Councils in anticipation of the 1991 Farm Bill and the re-establishment of the nationwide Urban and Community Forestry effort. The council has accomplished much during the last 20 years, notably becoming an official State of New Jersey legislatively recognized council

Community Forestry Council's efforts resulted in five major tree laws:

  • Community Forestry Assistance Act
  • Treasure Our Trees passenger and commercial license plates
  • Oak Tree Disease Act
  • No-Net Loss Reforestation Act
  • Forest Health Advisory Council law

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