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Trees of Interest

New Jersey Big Tree Classification

There are numerous big trees in the state. The classification of big trees is National Champion, Champion, Heritage Trees, Heritage Champion, Signature Trees, Trail Trees, and Emeritus.  National Champion Trees are trees that are not only the biggest of their tree species in the state of New Jersey but are also the biggest in the United States.  New Jersey has several National Champions listed on the NJ Official Big Tree Registry and we take great pride in each and every one of them.  Champion Trees are trees that are the largest of their species in New Jersey. Heritage Trees are keepers of stories and facts from the past and they do not have to big trees in order to be classified as Heritage Trees.  Heritage Champion Trees are trees that are the largest in New Jersey by tree species and that also have a historic story associated with them.  Signature trees are big trees of significance that hold a ranking other than first place with respect to their tree species.  Trail trees, trail marker trees, crooked trees, prayer trees, thong trees, or culturally modified trees are hardwood trees throughout North America that Native Americans intentionally shaped with distinctive characteristics that convey that the tree was shaped by human activity rather than deformed by nature or disease.  The trees typically mark the direction of a trail as due east or due north etc.  Unusual trees are trees that have unique form or growing characteristics not typical of its species.  Lastly, Emeritus Trees are trees that were taken down by man or nature that we honor as lost but not forgotten.  

The trees below are examples of some of New Jerseys oldest and prized trees.  These trees will never be forgotten and they include native trees, non-native trees brought to our country, naturalized trees, and also some very unusual looking trees. 

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Historic Trees

Champion Trees

National Champion Trees


Emeritus Trees
























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