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Commercial Plates

When can I get the plates?
The plate can be issued any time during the registration cycle of an owned or leased passenger vehicle

Where can I get the plates?
Commercial plates are only available at regional offices in Trenton, Deptford, and Eatontown

What does it cost?
The one time cost of plates is $50, with an annual renewal fee of $10, in addition to your regular registration renewal fee.

Where do I indicate new plates on my registration renewal?
You may also renew your registration when you order plates through the mail. Simply "X" the Renewal Block and Replacement Plates Block on the BA-49 form and include the renewal fee with the plate fee.

Can I personalize the plates?
Yes, plates can be personalized

Do you have passenger plates?
Yes, passenger plates are available for non-commercial vehicles

Call our number for information: 1-609-292-6500

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