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Frequently Asked Questions

Number of seedlings

Q: Can I break a pack of 100 into two species of 50?

A: No, trees are only sold in bundles of 100. If you want a variety, consider ordering a packet from the Home Grown program where you get 3 different tree species, 30 seedlings total, for $25.

Q: Can I order less than 100 seedlings?

A: No, the minimum order is one pack, or 100 seedlings. If you want fewer trees, consider ordering a packet from the Home Grown program where you get 3 different tree species, 30 seedlings total, for $25.

Q: Does my order qualify for the "multiple pack discount?"

A: If you order five or more of one species, that species is discounted. You may not mix and match species. Refer to the catalog for pricing.

Seedling Care

Q: When is the best time to plant?

A: Plant after the last hard frost in the spring when the ground has thawed. Planting in early spring is generally better than planting late spring.

Q: How long do I have to plant the seedlings once I receive them?

A: The sooner you plant, the great the chance of survival. Do not let the roots dry out or heat up. Store seedlings in a cool and dark place. If you anticipate keeping seedlings for more than 5 days, take them out of the packaging and heel them into the ground (see planting instructions.)

Q: How do I plant the seedlings?

A: Always keep the roots moist. Plant the seedlings to the same depth as they were grown in the nursery bed. You can see a discoloration or bulge at the collar. Keep the roots from "J" rooting when planting. Allow for settling in sandy soils that have been worked up or plowed.

Q: Where can I get more planting and care information?

A: Read our publication Bareroot Seedling Planting and Care [pdf 943k] to help make your conservation plantings a success.

Tree Selection

Q: What are bareroot seedlings?

A: We sell one, two, or three year old bareroot seedlings which have been dug or "lifted" from nursery beds during dormancy. After the soil is shaken from the seedling, a "slurry" is applied to the root system to keep the roots moist for refrigerated storage. Planting bareroot seedlings is a quick and economical way to reforest.

Q: What are the best trees to plant?

A: Seedlings should be chosen based on amount of sunlight and water, soil type, and pH of the planting site. Your forester can help you select appropriate species.

Q: Where does the NJ Forest Nursery get the seed to grow seedlings?

A: NJ Forest Service staff collects almost all the seed used to grow the seedlings. Seed is collected by hand from the ground, by bucket trucks, and by using specialized seed collection and processing machines. The seed location is tracked through the nursery process and seedling distributed con

Ordering and Payment

Q: How do I order seedlings?

A: To place an order, fill out the order form and mail it to the NJ Forest Nursery along with payment. You may also fax or phone in your order with a credit card.

Q: When do I have to pay for the trees?

A: You must submit payment with your order but your card will not be charged until your trees ship.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: You may pay with check or a Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Shipping and Pick-up

Q: Where can I pick up my trees?

A: When you place an order, you must choose from the eight pick-up locations on the first page of the catalog. Note the pick-up dates and times listed in the catalog.

Free Trees

Q: Where can I get free trees?

A: The only free tree program offered by the nursery is the Third Grade Tree Team. This program entitles third grade students a free tree when requested by their school.

Q: Where do I buy tube seedlings for Arbor Day programs?

A: The NJ Community Forestry Program offers tube seedlings.