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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Candidates Nominated for SAB
Amidon, Thomas M.S., Engineering Science
Andrews, Clinton Ph.D. in Urban & Regional Planning
Aucott, Mike Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences
Barrett, Kirk Ph.D, Civil/Environmental Engineering
Bentivegna, Carolyn Ph.D., Environmental Sciences
Blauvelt, Robert M.S., Geology
Bologna, Paul Ph.D., Marine Sciences
Bovitz, Paul M.S., Ecology
Brennen, Linda M.S., Physical Geography
Broccoli, Anthony Ph.D., Environmental Sciences
Buckley, Brian Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry
Caldwell, Daniel Ph.D., Toxicology
Carpenter, Stan M.S., Geology
Chirenje, Tait Ph.D., Soil & Water Chemistry
Chopping, Mark Ph.D. in Remote Sensing.
Nominee Degree
Cohen, Maurie Ph.D., Regional Science
Cooper, Keith Ph.D., Animal Pathology
Croft, Paul J. Ph.D., Meteorology-Horticulture
Cromartie, William Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
DeVito, Emile Ph.D., Ecology
DiLodovico, Anthony M.S. - Environmental Engineering
Dyksen, John M.S., Environmental Engineering
Ehrenfeld, Joan Ph.D., Biology
Eisner, Philip Ph.D., Physics
Ennis, Bernard M.S., Chemical Engineering
Fagliano, Jerry Ph.D. in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology & M.P.H.
Ferrara, Raymond Ph.D., Environmental Engineering
Nominee Degree
Francis, Elaine Z. Ph.D. in Anatomy
Gaffney, Douglas M.S., Marine Studies
Gallo, Michael Ph.D.,Tox/Expt’l Path
Gannon, John Ph.D.,Microbiology
Ghai, Rajendra Ph.D., Clinical Biochemistry
Gochfeld, Michael R. Ph.D. & M.D.
Greenberg, Michael Ph.D.,Environmental & Medical Geography
Hallinger, Kris M.S., Environmental Science
Harman, Charles M.A. Biology
Held, Joann M.S. Air Pollution Control
Hoke, Robert Ph.D., Fisheries and Wildlife; Environmental Toxicology
Hopke, Philip Ph.D., Chemistry
Howson, Ursula Ph.D., Marine Biology/Biochemistry
Husch, Jonathan Ph.D., Geology
Johnson, Clyde Ph.D.,Environmental Sciences
Kellogg, Seth M.S., Geology
Kennedy, Gerald Ph.D, Biochemistry
Kennen, Jonathan Ph.D, Fisheries Biology
Nominee Degree
Kennish, Michael Ph.D., Geology
Kipen, Howard MD, MPH
Klein, Harvey M.S., Environmental Science
Klotz, Judith Dr.P.H, Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences
Kohut, Josh Ph.D, Physical Oceanography
Kropp, Rick M.S., Civil Engineering
Lambert, George MD
Laumbach, Robert MD, MPH
Lederman, Peter Ph.D, Chemical Engineering, P.E.
Leichenko, Robin Ph.D, Geography
Nominee Degree
Lioy, Paul Ph.D., Environmental Science
Lippencott, Robert J. Ph.D., Environmental Science
Luke, Nai-chia Ph.D.
Lutz, Kenneth Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
Maddaloni, Mark Ph.D., Environmental Science
Magee, Richard P.E., BCEE
Marcus, Steven MD
Masse, Ann Ph.D., Oceanography
McMillin, William E. M.E.E., Environmental Engineering,
Meng, Xiaoguang Ph.D. Environmental Engineering,P.E.
Michalski, Andrew Ph.D. Technical Sciences (Geological Engineering)
Miskewitz, Robert Ph.D. Environmental Engineering
Mitala, Joseph Ph.D Pharmacology/Toxicology
Montague, Peter Ph.D., American Studies
Morin, Peter Ph.D., Zoology
Mutch, Robert D. M.S. in Civil Engineering
Najarian, Tavit Sc.D., Hydrodynamics & Water Resources
Navoy, Anthony Ph.D., Geology
O'Conner, John Ph.D., Biological Sciences
Pagano, Alfred Ph.D., Organic Chemistry
Pardi, Richard Ph.D, Geology
Nominee Degree
Paulson, Glenn Ph.D., Environmental Sciences and Ecology
Polsky, Matt M.S., Energy and Environmental Studies
Pope, Gregory Ph.D., Geography
Powell, Eric Ph.D.
Qiu, Zeyuan Ph.D., Agricultural Economics
Robinson, David Ph.D., Geology
Robock, Alan Ph.D.,Meteorology
Robson, Mark Ph.D., Plant Science, & M.P.H. Environmental & Occupational Health
Rothman, Nancy Ph.D., Physical-Organic Chemistry
Sarkar, Dibyendu Ph.D.,Geochemistry
Schneider, Orren Ph.D.
Shapiro, Oliver M.S., Microbiology
Sheats, Nicky Ph.D., Biological Oceanography
Shifrin, Neil Ph.D., Environmental/Civil Engineering
Shuler, Randy Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Smith, Gregory P.E., P.G.
Nominee Degree
Sorell, Tamara Ph.D., Pharmacology
Spatola, Joseph Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
Spiegel, Herbert Ph.D., Biochemistry & Physiology
Stahl, Ralph Ph.D., Toxicology and Environmental Science
Stainken, Dennis Ph.D .,Physiology/Environmental Science/Chemistry
Strom, Peter F. Ph.D. Environmental Science
Talimcioqlu, Mete Ph.D. in Civil/Environmental Engineering
Tao, Pen Ph. D., Statistical Hydrology, Civil Engineering
Thonet, John A. M.S., Forest Engineering
Tispoura, Catherine Nellie Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution
Tongesayi, Tsanangurayi Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry
Trela, John Ph.D., Pedology
Turpin, Barbara Ph.D., Environmental Science and Engineering
Uchrin, Christopher Ph.D., Environmental & Water Resources Engineering
Vaccari, David Ph.D., Environmental Science
Vaccaro, Richard M.S., Environmental Engineering
Velinsky, David Jay Ph.D. in Chemical Oceanography
Vernick, Arnold M.S. Environmental Engineering
Nominee Degree
Walsh, Nuni-Lyn Ph.D., Geological Sciences
Watson, Elizabeth Burke Ph.D. Physical Geography
Wazne, Mahmoud Ph.D., Environmental Engineering
Weinstein, Michael Ph.D., Marine and Environmental Science
Weis, Judith Ph.D., Biology
Weisel, Clifford Ph.D., Chemical Oceanography
West, Joseph Ph.D., Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Young, Lily Ph.D. Environmental Microbiology
Zelikoff, Judith Ph.D., Experimental Pathology
Division of Science, Research and Environmental Health
Dr. Gary A. Buchanan, Director
Mailing Address:
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