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Environmental Education in New Jersey: A Plan of Action

"The goal of the plan is to develop in the citizens of New Jersey the knowledge, attitudes, values, skills and bahaviors needed to maintain, protect and improve the environment."

The Plan of Action contains recommendation for implementation that include both the formal education that takes place in schools and colleges and the informal, lifelong learning that occurs in nature centers, parks, cultural and religious organizations, civic groups, government agencies, businesses and in the home. It is the intent of the Commission to involve a diverse New Jersey citizenry. The Plan is an evolving document and is currently being revised by the present Commission.

Guiding Principals of the Plan of Action:

The Commission believes that environmental education should:
  • Consider the environment in its totality - natural and built, technological and social, economic, political, moral, cultural and historical, and health and aesthetic aspects.

  • Recognize the complexity and interrelated nature of environmental problems and their possible solutions.

  • Be a learning process that continues through all stages of life.

  • Be interdisciplinary with a focus on critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Emphasize active participation in preventing environmental problems and working towards their solution.

  • Examine global, national, regional and local issues as a context for understanding and action.

  • Recognize human dependence on a healthy environment and human responsibility for assuring a sustainable future.
To request a copy of the plan, e-mail or call the NJDEP Public Access Center at 1-866-DEP-KNOW (1-866-337-5669)
Or, download the entire document HERE. (14.8mb pdf) Right click on the link and select "Save Target As..."

Target Audience(s):
General public, formal and informal educators, municipal officials

Additional Information:
New Jersey Commission on Environmental Education
Office of Communications
PO Box 402, NJDEP
Trenton NJ 08625
Phone: 609-984-9802
Fax: 609-292-3198