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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Volunteer Programs
Volunteer, Community Action &
Environmental Career Resources

Experiencing the environment firsthand and practicing environmental protection through personal decisions and actions is a key component in the education process. It encourages people's desire to learn and it often nurtures a sense of stewardship and commitment. Individual action is key to accomplishing the department's mission: environmental protection, conservation, enhancement, maintenance and restoration.

The DEP offers a variety of internship and volunteer programs for people of all ages to become engaged in, more knowledgeable of, and increasingly involved with, management of New Jersey's natural resources, including the state's watersheds and water supply, air, land and wildlife habitat. This section presents a variety of opportunities that require public participation in order to succeed.

These volunteer programs encourage students to develop stronger communications and personal skills through their varied experiences. While participating, students learn to communicate and cooperate with people from many segments of their communities.

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