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Underground Storage Tanks (UST) Compliance List Info

Compliance Guide


This is a guide for UST owners & operators to evaluate the reasons why their active tank systems do not appear on the UST compliance list that has been put on the internet. The list contains all tank systems that are in compliance based on the information in the Department's UST Registration database. It is possible that many additional tank systems not appearing on the list are in compliance, but the information is either not presently in the database, or is not clear enough for the Department to determine the tank system's compliance status.

This guide will indicate which options for tank & piping construction, leak detection, spill & overfill protection and fee payment would put a particular facility on the compliance list.

For a tank system to be on the list, all UST systems (tanks & piping) must be in compliance with both leak detection and upgrade requirements (or the facility must have signed an ACO & not exceeded the self-imposed deadline, or received a heating oil conditional extension), and the facility must not have an outstanding registration fee balance. For the following items, please refer to the UST Facility Certification Questionnaire, Section B, Specific Tank Information (the Questionnaire can be found at If you have additional questions regarding what is required for UST compliance, please refer to the Department's documents: "Don't Wait Until 1998" and "Straight Talk on Tanks", previously sent to all tank owners.

  1. Tank System Upgrade Compliance (need one option each for items a, b, d & e below, and two for item c):

    1. Tank Status (item 11): either
    • A (in-use),
    • D (sump) or
    • E (emergency back-up generator tank)
    1. Tank Construction (item 6): either
    • B (cathodically protected metal),
    • C (fiberglass coated steel),
    • D (fiberglass reinforced plastic),
    • E (internally lined) or
    • H (other) - for certain options only - see Appendix A
    1. Piping Construction (item 6): either
    • B (cathodically protected metal),
    • D (fiberglass reinforced plastic) or
    • J (flex piping) - must include specific information on manufacturer, brand of piping & 3rd party certification (see Appendix A)

      And either
    • F (pressurized piping),or
    • G (suction piping)
    1. Overfill Protection (tank only -item 9): either
    • YES, or
    • NO and Tank contents (item 5) = F(waste oil) or S (emerg. spill tank)
    1. Spill Containment (tank only - item 10): either
    • YES, or
    • NO and Tank contents (item 5) = F (waste oil) or S (emerg. spill tank)

      HOWEVER, if:
    • Tank Contents (item 5) = P (other hazardous substances) or Q (hazardous waste)

    • Tank & Piping Structure (item 7) is not B (double wall) for both tank and piping

      -then tank system is OUT OF COMPLIANCE
  2. Tank System Leak Detection Compliance (need one option for both tank & piping)

    1. Type of Monitoring /Detection (tank only - item 8): either
    • A (SIR),
    • B (Manual Tank Gauging) - for tanks up to 1,000 gallons capacity
    • D (Interstitial), and item 7 B (double wall)
    • F (ground water observation well),
    • G (vapor observation wells),
    • H (in-tank monitor),
    • [C (inventory control) and E (tightness test)]
    • [B (Manual tank gauging) and E (tightness test)] - for tanks 1,001 gallon to 2,000 gallon capacity
    1. Type of Monitoring/Detection (piping only - mark either 6 F, pressurized piping, or 6 G, suction piping and one of the following):
    • Pressurized Piping (item 6 F) either
      • A (SIR) and L (automatic line leak detector),
      • D (interstitial), and L (automatic line leak detector), and item 7 B (double wall)
      • E (tightness test), and L (automatic line leak detector),
      • F (ground water observation well), and L (automatic line leak detector),
      • G (vapor observation well), and L (automatic line leak detector) or
      • K (in-line electronic pressure monitor)
    • Suction Piping (item 6G) either
      • A (SIR),
      • D (interstitial), and item 7B (double wall),
      • E (tightness test),
      • F (ground water observation well),
      • G (vapor observation well) or
      • J ("safe" suction piping)
  3. Registration Fee Compliance
  4. The facility must not have a balance due more than 60 days following issuance of a bill.



In accordance with the UST Rules, the Department can approve tank and piping construction and corrosion protection technologies that are no less protective than those technologies specifically listed in the rules (see N.J.A.C. 7:14B-4.1 (a)1v and (a)2iv). For example, the Department can approve jacketed tanks (steel wrapped in HDPE plastic) or flexible piping. However, the Department will only approve a technology via the permitting process or if the technology has received 3rd party certification from one of the organizations listed at N.J.A.C. 7:14B-4.1 (e) through (j): Underwriters Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (excepting "Other Recognized Documents" - ORD), American Society of Testing & Materials, Steel Tank Institute, NACE International, Association for Composite Tanks, American Petroleum Institute, Petroleum Equipment Institute and American National Standards Institute.

Following is a list of technologies which are either approved specifically in the UST Rules or have received certification by one of the above-listed organizations. This list is by no means complete, and may be added to any time the Department receives information of certification by an appropriate third party or any time the Department permits/approves a technology.


  • Cathodically Protected Steel (STI-P3 or field installed)
  • Fiberglass coated Steel
  • Fiberglass reinforced Plastic
  • Internally Lined (epoxy resin)
  • ACT-100 & ACT-100-U (standards for FRP & polyurethane clad USTs)
  • Buffhide (fiberglass coated UST)
  • Elutron (HDPE jacketed UST)
  • STI-P3
  • Total Containment (HDPE jacketed UST)


  • Cathodically Protected Metal
  • Fiberglass-reinforced Plastic
  • Dualoy 3000/FLX [aka] Ameron (Manufacturer)
  • Enviroflex [aka] Total Containment (Manufacturer)
  • Geoflex [aka] Environ (Manufacturer)
  • Perma-Flexx [aka] Containment Technologies