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The General Questions Line of the Office of Community Relations can be reached by telephone at 609-984-3081. When you call this number, you will be offered five prompts by our automated answering service. These prompts will forward you to the following areas of interest within the Site Remediation Program. Telephone numbers for these areas of interest are also provided below.

If you know the name of the Community Relations Coordinator you are trying to reach, a list of staff and phone numbers are also provided below.

General Questions Line

Prompt 1: Forwards calls that are not related to Site Remediation to the Public Access Center at 609-777-3373.

Prompt 2: Directs calls related to Home Heating Oil Tanks cleanup to the sub-menu.

• Prompt 1: For questions about an existing Home Heating Oil Tank case.

• Prompt 2: Other general questions about Home Heating Oil Tanks.

• Prompt 3: Return to main menu.

Prompt 3: For calls regarding public notification signs and letters.

For calls about childcare licensing requirements, hang up and dial 973-656-4465.

Prompt 4: Forwards other general questions to the coordinator on duty.

Prompt 5: Repeats menu.

Community Relations Coordinators

Shepherd, Shana - 609-292-1923

Broslawski, Gregory - 609-633-3790

Vieira, Dolce - 609-292-2015

Bryan, Nanina - 609-633-7014

Williams, Elizabeth - 609-633-0627