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Frequently Asked Questions about New Soil Gas Testing Process — February 2011
Posted 17 February 2011

1. If my sub slab-soil gas has been tested for only the 10 contaminants of concern (COC) already, can I be tested again to include the additional volatile organic compounds?

Residents who have had their sub-slab soil gas tested already for the 10 DuPont-related contaminants of concern are not eligible to have additional testing conducted for the sole purpose of analyzing for additional volatile organic compounds. However, if any additional sampling is called for based on the results of previous sampling and in accordance with the addendum to the Vapor Interim Remedial Workplan, that sampling may include the additional volatile organic compounds

The purpose of all sub-slab soil gas testing is to identify whether vapors from the ground water contamination related to the DuPont Pompton Lakes Works site is impacting properties located within the identified vapor mitigation area and adjacent buffer zone.  Extensive groundwater investigation of the DuPont site has found that only 10 contaminants of concern (COC) are present that are the result of the DuPont site discharges.  The NJDEP analyzed groundwater samples both on and off site in 2009.  These samples were analyzed for the full volatile organic scan instead of the 10 site specific parameters which DuPont usually analyzes. The results showed that there are not any other compounds with concentrations above the Ground Water Quality Standards in the ground water besides the 10 volatile organic compounds that DuPont routinely analyzes for. Results of the 2009 sampling event are available at:

While DuPont has agreed to expand the approved reporting requirements to include all volatile organic compounds analyzed by NJDEP-SRWM Low Level USEPA Method TO-15 at approved properties in the future, all sampling conducting prior to this agreement included the required 10 COCs related to DuPont and will have met all Federal and State requirements.  Therefore, DuPont is under no obligation to pay for additional sampling that would not fall under the purview of this current investigation.  Furthermore, the exposure pathway for any volatile organic compound, whether sampled for or not, will be eliminated with the installation of a sub-slab depressurization system.

2. If I am not eligible to have my soil gas re-tested, can I have the Spill Fund reimburse me for additional sampling that I conduct on my own?

Any soil gas sampling conducted independently that does not meet the eligibility requirement (i.e., no mitigation system installed or not yet had any sub-slab soil gas testing conducted) of the ongoing DuPont Pompton Lakes Works site investigation is not eligible for Spill Fund reimbursement.

3. Should I have my soil gas tested for all 61 or just the 10 COCs?

This decision is up to the homeowner. Please note that any elevated results not associated with the DuPont Pompton Lakes Works former manufacturing activities must be reported to the NJDEP case manager for this project and will be evaluated for possible future investigation.


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