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Hazsite Changes
Updated August 2012

The Site Remediation Program (SRP) has updated the electronic data deliverable (EDD) format and the HazSite web site. The web site now includes an updated version of the SRP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) manual. The new EDI manual includes all the updated table and field definitions required to submit an accurate EDD. The new EDI manual also includes a submission process which coincides with the Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) Program being implemented by SRP. A new version of SRPís Electronic Data Submittal Application (EDSA) has been released in concert with the new EDI manual. The new EDSA is known as EDSA7. All LSRPs should use EDSA7 since it benefits the data preparer by reducing data submittal failures and increases data quality. SRP strongly recommends the use of EDSA7 for all data submittals.

The updated HazSite web site, the new EDI manual and EDSA7 is on-line now. Any EDD submitted on or after November 1, 2012 must comply with the new EDD format.

A few of the new data submittal requirements and EDSA7 updates are:
  • Data submission will be via email;
  • Data must be submitted in a txt format;
  • A well permit number must be included for all permanent wells;
  • Several new fields such as CONTACTNAM (contact name) and CONTACTTEL (contact telephone number) have been added;
  • The "sample number" fieldg, has been expanded from 7 to 50 characters so that a larger string can be entered;
  • In an effort to improve the accuracy and reliability of final sample data, EDSA7 includes a web link to additional warning and error messages with more concise descriptions; and
  • EDSA will check online for updates to the program whenever it is used and direct the data preparer where to download the updated version.

The new EDSA7 version has been beta tested by internal SRP users as well as an external LSRP / laboratory beta test team.