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Known Contaminated Sites in NJ Data Miner Guide


How to Get Detailed Site Information?

Adobe Acrobat version [pdf 787 Kb]

To obtain more detailed information on any case, copy down the PI Number for the site of interest. The PI Number is conveniently located in all three of the "new" KCSNJ reports. Next, click on the DataMiner link shown below.


Step 1

Data Miner enables the requestor to locate a site in three different ways, by PI Address, PI Name and PI Number. Select the "All SRP Sites by Selected PI Number" link.

Data Miner Screen Shot 1


Step 2

Enter the PI Number copied down from the KCSNJ report in the field shown below.

Data Miner Screen Shot 2

Step 3

Some of the reports take a while. Please be patient. The best times to run a report is before 8am and after 6pm.

Data Miner Screen Shot 3

Step 4

The results of the report will show some basic site data such as location information. If more information is desired, click on the "Site Detail" link at the right side of the screen.

Data Miner Screen Shot 4

Step 5

The "Site Detail Report" breaks down the site into cases or case activities. A site may include several cases. Usually cases are cleanups that are being conducted by different bureaus at the same time or at different times in the site's history.

Click on the "Case Oversight Info" link to view in depth data on an individual case.

Data Miner Screen Shot 5

Step 6

The "Case Oversight Report" shows in depth information about the selected case such as Bureau, Case Manager, the Case Manger's Phone number etc.

Click on the "Activity Tracking" link to view the status of the cleanup schedule.

Data Miner Screen Shot 6

Step 7

The "Detailed Activity Tracking Report" shows the case cleanup schedule including tasks and dates.

Data Miner Screen Shot 7

Step 8

The "Site Detail Report" may also include a link to the "CEA Fact Sheet". A classified exception area or CEA is "an area within which one or more constituent standards and designated uses are suspended. (N.J.A.C 7:9C -1.4)". Several sites in SRP that have ground water contamination also have CEAs.

Click on "Fact Sheet" for additional CEA information.

Data Miner Screen Shot 8