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February 23, 2017 - [SRRA]: New Case Inventory Document Worksheet Now Available

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Date & Time: 2/23/2017 3:51:00 PM
Subject [SRRA]: New Case Inventory Document Worksheet Now Available

[SRRA]: New Case Inventory Document Worksheet Now Available

New Case Inventory Document (CID)

A new version of the Case Inventory Document (CID) has been released that should be easier to work with and will aid in the upload when using the various Remedial Phase Report Online Services. All new CIDs should be submitted using this new version 1.4. Existing CID versions 1.2 or later may still be used if already completed.

Changes in CID 1.4

  1. Changed Column heading: AOC Details to AOC Description.
  2. Added conditional formatting to the columns listed below that turns the text red if the character limit is exceeded:
    • AOC ID (50-character limit)
    • AOC Description (500-character limit)
    • Activity (4,000-character limit)
  3. Restricted 'DEP AOC Number' to positive whole numbers.
  4. Added 'Other areas of concern - Non contact cooling water discharge' to AOC Type list.
  5. Combined State and Federal Regulated USTs in AOC Type list.
  6. Froze the first three columns.
  7. Added a list of CID Validations on Tab 4.
  8. Updated the instructions and example CID.

Additional data validation messages have been added to the CID upload process.

In addition to the existing required columns (A-H), if found, the following items will now generate a validation message upon CID upload:

  1. The AOC ID in column A must be unique in the CID, and must be less than 100 Characters.
  2. AOC Description/Details in Column D must be less than 500 Characters.
  3. The DEP AOC Number in Column J can be blank. If it is entered, it must be from a previous CID upload (the DEP AOC Number can be found on the RI/RAW/RAR acknowledgement letter).

In addition, in order to streamline the review process, please ensure:

  1. Any AOC where an UST had state or federally regulated contents such as gasoline must have an AOC type of 'Storage tank and appurtenance State or Federal Regulated Underground storage tank'.
  2. Incident # is the incident communications center number, and is in the format YY-MM-DD-HHMM-SS (such as 95-12-15-0907-18). More than one number can be entered but they must be separated by a comma.

Helpful information on filling out a CID can be found in:

  1. The CID instructions in the 'Column Instructions' tab of the CID.
  2. The 'Sample AOC Tracking' tab of the CID.
  3. CID FAQ section in NJDEP Remedial Investigation Online Service Frequently Asked Questions
  4. CID hot topic webinars: with and with

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