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August 18, 2021 - [EXTERNAL]: Issues with EDSA7 Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) checker

From: NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Date & Time: 8/18/2021 9:59:00 AM
Subject [EXTERNAL]: Issues with EDSA7 Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) checker

[EXTERNAL]: Issues with EDSA7 Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) checker

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (Department) has determined that the version of the Electronic Data Submittal Application (EDSA7, "internal" version) used by the Department to verify Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) submitted by the person responsible for conducting the remediation stopped processing submittals in July 2021 after a Microsoft Windows update. EDDs should continue to be submitted to while the Department is working to correct the issue (EDDs should be submitted via email to the above email address or attached via the Online Portal, but not both).

It should be noted that the "external" version of EDSA7 used by persons responsible for conducting remediations remains functional and allows a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP) to check the EDD prior to submitting the data to the Department. The Department appreciates the quality of the EDDs submitted and requests that users continue to run the checker before submitting.

The Department has checked the EDDs that have been submitted using the "external" version and has reached out directly to those who submitted EDDs with errors. The Department will continue to manually process the EDDs to check for failures and then contact the submitters if there are issues. If the EDD submitter does not receive an email from the Department, it can be assumed that the Department did not find an issue with the EDD. However, once the "internal" version of EDSA7 is functioning again, the previously submitted EDDs will be officially processed and a confirmatory emails sent at that time.

If a user needs proof of compliance with the EDD requirements prior to LSRP dismissal or Response Action Outcome issuance, email and include in the body of the email the PI ID, Activity Number, SRPID and the DTST.DIRECTORY for the EDDs that have not been reviewed by the Department. Be sure that the subject line of the email contains the PI_ID, Activity # and SRPID. The Department will check these EDDs and send a confirmatory email regarding them.

Please do not submit multiple copies of an EDD. The DataMiner report "Electronic Data Submittals by PI Number" found at should be used to determine what EDDs have been submitted to and processed by the Department.

Questions regarding the EDSA checker and Electronic Data Deliverables can be directed to or (609) 633-1380.

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